Clio Manage is rolling out enhancements as it continues to hone its small-firm features. Recently, they’ve rebuilt their Outlook integration from the ground up, added features to their court rules functions, strengthened their Lawyaw connection, and built messaging templates for their online billing. This is not a company resting on its laurels. They’re obviously using feedback from their clients to create a better and better experience.

Clio Features

Clio’s Rebuilt Outlook Integration

Clio’s Outlook integration is faster, intuitive, and should still let you use Outlook as you see fit. The add-in lets you log emails, tasks, and time entries directly to your Clio file with ease. Additionally, the features will indicate emails already filed to Clio, which should save some confusion in multi-person firms. Check out the video below to learn more about these features and others, like time-entry templates.

Clio Court Rules

Clio uses as the engine driving their court rules functions. Recently, they purchased the company, bringing this capability directly into the fold. With this tighter relationship comes a greater level of integration and user control.

Lawyaw Integration

Although Clio purchased Lawyaw in 2021, this year continues to see enhancements to the relationship. Not only does Lawyaw offer document automation for Clio users, but they also have robust court forms for eight states (and counting) and the USCIS.

Bill Message Templates

Modern law firms use online billing. However, not all online billing platforms are equal. Clio has been at the forefront of small-firm online billing for quite some time. Recently, they enhanced this functionality by introducing templates for their billing messages. Now, users can create reusable templates—much like their automated documents—to send to their clients along with their eBills.

Demo Video

How to Get It

Ready to learn more? Check out our full review of Clio Manage in our Product Reviews. Here, you can read community comments, compare features, and see other demo videos. If you’re eager to jump in, head to and get a free trial or demo.

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Last updated January 26th, 2024