Technology is changing how firms are providing legal services. Implementing automation in your law practice can save valuable time and money for your clients. No matter how complex the task, anything that can be done on a repetitive basis can be automated, including document creation. Document automation is an easy way to provide more value to your clients, reduce your workload, ensure accuracy in your documents, and make your firm more efficient.


In today’s competitive landscape, clients are pushing for greater transparency from their attorneys and demanding more for their legal dollar. Attorneys need to find ways to cut fees for clients while continuing to maintain profits.

Spending less time generating documents is one easy way to provide the same value to a client while slashing costs and freeing up time to take on more matters or offer additional services for existing clients.

AbacusNext explains how document automation is transforming the legal industry and can modernize your practice. Learn how your firm can benefit in this free whitepaper, “7 Ways Document Automation Can Boost Your Business.”

How To Get It

AbacusNext helps legal professionals achieve ultimate success and peace of mind through the delivery of a complete suite of compliance-ready technology, including HotDocs – the global market leader for document automation.

Download the whitepaper to learn how document automation can impact your firm’s bottom line, its power and versatility, and how it can fully support any approach you want to take for your firm’s success.

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Last updated June 10th, 2019