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  • Customer Experience & Support - 9/10
  • Pricing & Value - 8.5/10
  • Security - 9/10
  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 9.5/10
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Rating Breakdown

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

Gusto payroll software is a supplemental product to standard law firm accounting software. Although its main function is payroll, a review of Gusto finds that it supports other HR functions, such as bill pay, Health Benefits, Paid Time Off (PTO), and Contractor payments.

Who Should Use Gusto

Whether you are just starting a law firm or you’ve been practicing for decades, if your practice does not have a dedicated HR department, Gusto payroll software could be a helpful addition to your firm. Its functionalities are especially beneficial for those who have multiple employees and are looking for an easy way to keep track of employee benefits, wages, and time-off.

Some existing accounting software, like Quickbooks, already has an add-on function for payroll, employee benefits, and time tracking, so it is likely not necessary for everyone.

Gusto Features

  • Web
Starting Price
Free Trial
Double-entry bookkeeping.
Connect Bank Accounts
Link your bank accounts for up-to-date transaction information with little or no manual data entry.
Online Payments
This means the ability to accept credit card or echeck payments within your accounting software, either through its own payment portal or via a third-party integration like PayPal or Square. Most online payments involve a separate processing fee.
Mileage Tracking
Keep track of miles traveled visiting clients or heading to the courthouse, making it easier to tally for taxes or billing purposes or add to your expense reports.
Bill Payment
Pay your firm's bills without leaving your accounting software.
Statement Reconciliation
Helps with the complex task of balancing your business accounts. Does not necessarily include more advanced reconciliation features like three-way trust account reconciliation.
Payroll includes automatically calculating employee taxes, printing checks, and paying by direct deposit.
Tax Preparation
Some accounting software can also be used to prepare taxes for your firm so you can review, approve, and even pay your taxes all in one place.
Businesses need reports to help assess key business performance indicators like profit and accounts receivable. Some products have more robust reporting features than others.
Foreign Currencies
Check Printing
Contact Management
Store contacts for invoicing or billing purposes.
User Management
Manage multiple users, including your accountant and tax preparer, or multiple billers or timekeepers at the firm.

Additional Details

Gusto Payroll Pricing

Gusto has a tiered pricing scheme that essentially allows your usage to grow with your needs. Keep in mind, however, that you are charged per contractor you use per month with the Contractor package.

  • Contractor ($6/user/month). Great for solo practitioners who occasionally need to pay contractors and keep track of 1099s
  • Core ($6/user/month + $39/month base fee). For small to medium-sized firms who want to offer advanced Human Resources services like Health Benefits Administration, but don’t have enough employees to make the Complete package worth the money.
  • Complete ($12/user/month + $39/month base fee). Because of the additionally automation and self-service features, those who need a little more assistance than what the Core package provides, may find a great solution here.
  • Concierge ($12/user/month + $149/month base fee). For those who are looking to run a robust HR department with as few direct employees as possible

Gusto User Experience Review

Gusto’s main advantage over other payroll software is its self-service portals. Your employees and contractors are able to enter much of their own data into your system—and you simply review it. This includes 1099s and W-4s. As a result, much of the duplicate data-entry tasks that bogs down your HR department is reduced significantly.

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