Through its new partnership with Spill, Lawyerist is excited to give law firm owners an affordable way to provide therapy and mental health support for its employees. Lawyerist has consistently advocated for lawyers and the legal profession to do more to support their mental health. (Listen to the Lawyerist Podcast, Episode #251 and Episode #334 with Sherry Walling.) 

Spill is an all-in-one mental health program for small companies. With Spill, employees can book video therapy sessions with a qualified therapist or direct message a therapist for support. The online tool allows employers to take the emotional pulse of the entire team. Plus, Spill’s resource center and training help managers support their team better. 

Law firms rely on people’s brains to run their businesses. Unfortunately, today’s employees are battling burnout, anxiety, and stress. Employees’ mental health issues are holding them back from feeling good and doing great work.  

Therapy Allows Team Members to Stay Healthy

The founders of Spill wanted to offer employers an easy way to take care of their team’s mental health. They intentionally built Spill so that employees would actually enjoy the benefit and use the service. Too many employee assistance plans go unused. Companies offering Spill therapy have seen a 52% reduction in anxiety scores and a 43% average reduction in depression scores

Lawyerist’s CEO, Stephanie Everett, said, “Being able to provide our team with therapy sessions and mental health tools allows me to put our core values in action. We talked about the importance of mental health in the past—now we can back it up with real action. The best part is that Spill is affordable for small teams like ours!” 

Connecticut Trial Firm enthusiastically embraced the benefit for its team. “We’ve always put a spotlight on wellness, but in the age of Covid, it didn’t feel like enough,” said Firm COO, Allison McKeen. “With a need for outside help, the firm began using Spill. It would be an understatement to say our team was enthusiastic about the benefit. Often, therapy is not covered by insurance, and when it is, the cost remains out of reach for many. Within a week of our launch, three team members had signed up for a full session.”

Mckeen sees prioritizing lawyer mental health as a way to set up their firm for success. “With expanded benefits like mental health resources, we are setting up the firm for long-term growth by ensuring that employees and leadership have access to resources needed to maintain well-being—which allows us all to show up for our clients stronger each day.”  

Lawyerist’s partnership allows law firms to offer Spill’s therapy and mental health services for a discounted price. To book a demo and claim your discount, simply connect with Max at Tell him you heard about Spill from Team Lawyerist

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Last updated February 11th, 2022