Rocket Matter, one of the leading players in the Law Practice Management Software field, has expanded their features to include three separate pricing tiers. This essentially adds an advanced tier and an introductory tier, because not everyone is ready for loads of accounting and reporting features. And, frankly, some people are just dipping their toes into cloud-based practice management.

Users can now select from an Essential, Pro, or Premier pricing tier at signup. Essentials, for its part, has basic features. Something for lawyers who need simple, uncomplicated cloud-based management software. While Pro brings the features current users are accustomed to, sophisticated reporting, advanced billing, and more. Premier, however, is built for super-users. Personal Injury and Insurance Defense attorneys will find a lot of hard-to-find features built-in, while law firms who want solid analytics will also enjoy the added functionality. 

Paperless Pre-billing

Rocket Matter has always had top-of-the-market billing functionality. LEDES billing, expense tracking, and split-origination are all relatively standard for them. In the Premier pricing tier, however, Rocket Matter caters to their power users. They’re leaning into the efficiencies of a cloud-based system with features like paperless pre-billing. 

This means, no more printing of pre-billing sheets and leaving them on an attorney’s desk for review. Each billing user can now approve or disapprove of their (or other’s) time entries directly in the Rocket Matter system. It’s simple. A pre-bill report is run and then sent to the relevant users through the system. These users review their entries and the billing is automatically updated.

Discrete User Restrictions

The same super-users who like paperless pre-billing usually find value in thorough user restrictions. Rocket Matter not only allows law firms to restrict users to certain areas of the system, but they can even restrict billing code access. This allows firms to track their billing with more detail without added confusion between codes like trial prep, trial travel, and trial set-up. 

Advanced Law Firm Reporting: Business Intelligence Tools

For law firms who want Healthy Systems, Healthy Profits, and Healthy Strategy (which should be all of you), the most exciting new Premier pricing tier features is their Business Intelligence tool. This tool allows law firms to run custom reports on just about anything they track in the Rocket Matter system.

Run a Profit and Loss statement. Run an outstanding Accounts Receivable report. Hell, run an outstanding A/R report for Net-30 clients who have set up ePayments through RocketPay. Yeah, it’s powerful—and it includes all of your custom fields.

Take a look at our demo with Rocket Matter where they walk us through how the Business Intelligence tool works.

How to get it

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Or, if you’re ready for a demo of your own, head over to and get a free trial. Remember, Lawyerist

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Last updated July 17th, 2023