In today’s tech-focused world, the last thing clients want to do is print, sign, and mail a document. With Rocket Matter, attorneys won’t have to. Quickly and securely request, send, and receive legal documents using Rocket Matter’s new, file-sharing and e-signature service, powered by Imagineshare.

Rocket Matter’s E-Signature Tool Allows Clients to Sign from Anywhere

Rocket Matter makes it easy for lawyers to send documents to clients for their signature—without a third-party application or a client portal. With a few simple clicks, lawyers can simply add the e-signature block to any document inside Rocket Matter. Clients will appreciate that they can sign the document with one easy click without downloading any software. Even better, clients can open and sign the document from their phone, tablet, or desktop.

Because the e-signature feature lives within the Rocket Matter platform, lawyers will appreciate that signed documents automatically live inside the client matter. This eliminates the need to visit outside platforms to find signed documents or import and save them. With Rocket Matter, everything shows up inside the client file—nothing additional for the team to do.

Law firms will appreciate that Rocket Matter’s e-signature tool has all the features one would expect, including the ability to:

  • Batch and send files to one or multiple clients.
  • Add a signature to any Word document or PDF.
  • Provide customized instructions to the recipient for signatures and form fields.
  • Customize new signature templates or use existing ones.

Lawyers Can Rest Easy Knowing Their Data Is Secure

Rocket Matter knows security remains a top priority for lawyers. That’s why Rocket Matter ensures lawyers can request or send files securely through the file sharing platform. Lawyers can share a secure link when providing documents to third-parties. Clients can also use a secure link to upload sensitive documents and information to the law firm. Additionally, lawyers can protect documents with customizable question/answer protections and link expiration dates.

Rocket Matter’s e-signature platform automatically uploads signed documents in the client’s file.
No coding experience is required. Easily add e-signature fields to any Word document or PDF.

Improve Client Service with Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter offers law firms a complete law practice management solution. Firms using Rocket Matter find they can deliver an improved client service and increase revenues by more than 20%. Rocket Matter makes it easy for law firms to go paperless, serve their clients well, gain confidence in their trust accounting, and ultimately make more money.  

In this video, Kelly Nicholson of Rocket Matter walks us through the new e-signature process and how to secure signatures with Rocket Matter. If you’d like to learn more, talk to one of the experts over at Rocket Matter and book a demo of the platform.

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Last updated November 23rd, 2022