These days, people are Googling everything, including attorneys before they hire them. Of people looking for lawyers, over 88% of them consider an attorney’s reputation as one of the top two hiring factors, and 68% consider reviews from former clients one of the most important pieces of additional information when considering an attorney. That is to say, attorneys with more positive online reviews are more likely to be hired, especially over their competition. 

Podium not only helps you get those positive reviews, but it can also help you turn negative reviews into positive ones, and help you get in touch with potential clients no matter where they’re looking for you. 


Podium is a reputation management system where you can acquire and manage client reviews in a single platform, whether those reviews are on Yelp, Google, or Facebook. You’ll never need to switch back and forth between review sites again. It helps you interact with your current and potential clients in a meaningful and positive way. 

In a single dashboard, you’ll be able to communicate with clients, manage your online reviews—responding to them in real-time—and send and receive text messages with clients, helping you create a positive client experience that can lead to positive online reviews. You’ll also be able to send automatic prompts to your clients to have them post reviews of your practice to any site of their choice, making the process easy for you and them. 

With Podium, you’ll also be able to review daily reports that include sentiment analysis and competitive benchmarking that can help you identify potential areas of improvement for your firm. It has all the tools you need to get and manage your online reviews across all sites where reviews of your law firm are posted. 

What’s even better is that Podium is also mobile-friendly, with a mobile app available on iOS and Android. From the app, you’ll be able to text review invitations to your clients, manage and respond to messages, assign messages to other staff members, and keep an eye on your online reviews.

How to Get it

To learn more about Podium, creating a great online reputation, or to check out a free demo, visit Podium today!

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Last updated September 12th, 2019