After Lisa Gonzalez was tapped to be an Associate Judge for the 268th District Court in Fort Bend County, Texas, she quickly realized she’d need help. Most courtrooms are not known for running like well-oiled machines. Lisa was on a mission to change that. She felt confident that the tools she learned in Lawyerist Lab to increase her law firm’s profits and productivity dramatically could also positively impact her courtroom.

Lisa remembered what it was like when it felt like her business was running her life, and she was determined not to return to those ways. There was a time when she would routinely take calls on nights, weekends, and holidays. Accordingly, there wasn’t much separation between “the office” and home. Like many lawyers, Lisa felt overwhelmed and like the business was running her.

In 2018, Lisa joined the Lawyerist Lab program because she was ready to run her business differently. 

Systems and Processes Learned in Lab  

Before joining Lab, Lisa approached each case from a new perspective, making her work long and difficult.

“Lab revolutionized my firm. I went from roughly a 10-15% annual increase to actually doubling my business each year I was in Lab. This sounds unbelievable, but it is true.” 

Things changed when Lisa realized she needed to document and systematize her work. In Lab, she learned how to think about her work differently. She used Lab’s templates to document her work and why she wanted things to happen a certain way. 

Creating written procedures allowed Lisa to approach her business and her cases differently. “When you see things as systems, processes, or procedures (like a scientist does in forensics work or a laboratory), it makes a daunting task simple. You know what and where you need to focus, and you have a plan/template in place to ensure the best outcome.” 

The results were telling. After joining Lab and putting the advice into action, Lisa secured more not-guilty verdicts on big cases with very little “work” involved. With more happy clients, her practice easily grew. 

Lisa realized this same approach worked in her courtroom. “I have my guiding principles written. I am constantly writing and editing policies and procedures. It’s not a no-brainer. Before, I never knew the power of having everything written down.” Now, her courtroom runs smoothly, and her team handles cases effectively and efficiently. 

Lisa Used Key Performance Indicators to keep her Firm—and Now Her Courtroom—on Pace

When Lisa joined the Lawyerist Lab program, she had never heard of a key performance indicator (KPI). Now, she can’t get enough of them. 

KPIs are information or data that a business owner can use to assess the health of their business. In Lab, Lisa learned which metrics she should track and how to track them. She matched specific KPIs to the goals she was setting for her business. In her law firm, Lisa used KPIs to track leads, clients, and financial success. She could easily identify which parts of her business were working and what needed more attention. Now, as a judge, Lisa uses KPIs to assess the health of her docket. Again, she can make decisions about her courtroom based on data—not simply her gut. 

Lisa is grateful for the opportunity Lab gave her to learn and experiment with how to create a more successful business. “I wish I had known and implemented all things from Lab earlier in my firm. I had legal mentors, but not business ones. Lab was like a pop-up genius bar where fellow lawyers and Lab coaches tested ideas, encouraged change, and supported newbies like me.”

We are excited to see what the future holds for Lisa and how the skills she learned in Lab will continue to influence her work in the courtroom. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Lab can help you systematize your firm and measure what matters, we’d love to connect with you. Learn more about how Lawyerist Lab is guiding small law firms to build healthier businesses.

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Last updated August 30th, 2023