At this point, lawyers know that document automation is more than just merging form fields into a static document. It’s also more than just conditional statements and formatting. Used thoughtfully, the apps or workflows created in Documate can gather a tremendous amount of information. Many law firms have built intake applications, self-serve document creators, and even client portals. Documate has recently updated the power and usability of its Data Manager to account for this.

What is Documate’s Data Manager?

Data Manager, as the name suggests, is where information ingested by each app is stored. Generally, it will gather information like name, address, phone number, and email address. It can store things like incident dates, the number of children, and drop-down menu selections. Lawyers who are familiar with databases like Airtable will find it comfortable to use.

Simply storing this information is something that every document automation product has to do. But, creating a method to use this information is not something they all do well. The ability to use the information in multiple documents and multiple apps is what Documate has in the form of Data Manager.

Building with Data Manager

With Data Manager, the information that is gathered when creating a document can be accessed outside of that document. Users find the line item for the information they want to use and select that information. They can then run alternative apps using that data.

This helps to reduce the double entry of information in a lawyer’s practice. Which, in turn, helps to reduce errors. An attorney can gather some personal information about their client in the initial interview and use that in a later document. For example, a client inputs their first name, last name, and address for the engagement letter. That information can be used later when creating a simple residential lease for them.

There is much more that can be done by the savvy attorney. Recently, our Legal Tech Advisor, Zack Glaser, sat down with Dorna Morni, of Documate to discuss the new and improved Data Manager. Have a look and see what else the Data Manager has to offer.

Demo of Data Manager with Documate

How to Get It

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Last updated July 17th, 2023