For eight years, we have been finding examples of the best law firm websites from numerous nominations. Our selection criteria include best practices for website design, basic search engine optimization, and website security.

10 Best Law Firm Websites of 2017

Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Best Law Firm Websites - Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

This Calgary, AB, criminal defense firm’s website impressed us with its striking front page and bold lawyer bios and copy. It also gets the basics right, including SSL to protect clients’ privacy.

Yeti Law

Best Law Firm Websites - Yeti Law

We liked the way this Toronto, ON, business services, real estate, and estate planning firm used its website to communicate a strong narrative theme.

Birken Law

Best Law Firm Websites - Birken Law

This Minneapolis, MN, firm for non-profits has one of the best solo practice websites we’ve ever seen, with bold visuals and a clear brand message. And SSL!

Bick Law LLP

Best Law Firm Websites - Bick Law

We can’t help but love this Newport Beach, CA, environmental law firm for putting a colorful menagerie on its homepage.

McKneely Law Firm

Best Law Firm Websites - McKneely Law Firm

We like the way this Fresno, CA, criminal defense firm’s website gets the basics right, including SSL.

Mulligan Breit, LLC

Best Law Firm Websites - Mulligan Breit

We like the tasteful homepage videos on this Denver, CO, criminal defense law firm’s site, which highlight the firm’s lawyers without being distracting.

Cates Mahoney

Best Law Firm Websites - Cates Mahoney

We like this Swansea, IL, personal injury firm’s website for delivering a compelling message without any of the awful messiness you find on most personal injury law firms’ websites.

Gjel Accident Attorneys

Best Law Firm Websites - Gjel Accident Attorneys

This San Jose, CA, personal injury firm uses a clean, soothing design and clear calls to action, not the usual pop-ups and flashing animations.

Bhatt Law Group

Best Law Firm Websites - Bhatt Law

We like the way this Jersey City, NJ, personal injury, family law, and criminal defense law firm uses its homepage to introduce visitors to its three distinct practice areas and its lawyers at the same time.

Michels & Lew

Best Law Firm Websites - Michels & Lew

We like this Los Angeles, CA, medical malpractice and personal injury law firm website’s polished presentation, which exudes competent professionalism.

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Past Best Law Firm Websites Winners

About our Best Law Firm Websites Contest

The best websites are designed to be responsive. In 2017, people look at websites on computers, tablets, and phones, and we look for websites that adjust their layout to the screen on which they are displayed. Non-responsive websites are non-starters.

The best websites follow search engine optimization guidelines. While we can’t do a detailed SEO comparison of 200+ websites, one of the most basic elements of SEO is the homepage <title> tag. If it showed no evidence of customization (i.e., it was left as the default “Home” or “Home — Law Firm, LLC”), we removed the website from contention.

Interstitial pop-ups that block the website are bad for users and for SEO. We didn’t specifically remove websites from contention if they had an interstitial pop-up, but it’s clear from the scores that law firm websites with pop-ups are at a serious disadvantage.

Finally, websites collect information about visitors, with and without their knowledge, which is why law firm websites in particular should be secured with SSL. About 18% of this year’s nominees were secured with SSL. We didn’t give these websites a boost, but it’s encouraging to see law firm websites taking security seriously. Unfortunately, two websites were improperly configured for SSL, which is probably worse than not using it at all.

For next year, we plan to take website accessibility into account. According to the US Census, nearly 1 in 5 Americans has a disability, and it is safe to assume many of them hire lawyers for many of the same reasons the other 4 in 5 Americans do. Unless a law firm intends to exclude 20% of potential clients, it should be accessible.

Last year we said it felt like law firm websites had reached a tipping point, and the 2017 nominees bear that out. While not all the websites can make the top ten, over 80 made it to the judging round, nearly twice the number the judges saw last year.

Thanks to this year’s judges: Karin, Gyi, Andy, Cari, Aaron, and Sam.1

Interested in submitting your website to next year’s contest? Look for our call for nominations the first week in January.

  1. Some of the judges designed some of the websites nominated, but obviously we didn’t let anyone judge their own designs.