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1. Family Health Law

Family Health Law does an excellent job showcasing how to create a robust and dynamic website. Lisa’s photo and vision are front and center with a clear CTA as soon as the homepage loads. Through a few scrolls, you can easily see Lisa’s services, intended clients, and career journey.

Our favorite part is how she positions herself as an expert in her practice area. Through testimonials, key differentiators of her practice, and blog posts, she automatically creates authority.

Did we mention the awesome slide effects and great accessibility features? There is an audio button you can push to listen to all of her written blog posts.

2. Charthouse Lawyers

Charthouse Lawyers immediately captures your attention with their colorfully well-designed website. The geometric color overlay, high-quality images, and sleek design catch your eye and lures you in to keep scrolling.

Within a few seconds of being on their page, their values are showcased and it’s easy to see their practice areas. We often see many websites try to pack as much info as they can on the home page, but Charthouse does the opposite. They honed in on exactly what they wanted to offer and let their value and services speak for themselves. Because of this, everything they offer on their site is accessible with a few scrolls.

3. PortaLaw

PortaLaw stands out for its minimalist design. The sleek branding of the site showcases bold text, muted colors, and simple graphics, but manages to still draw the eye. The subtle design does a great job of not distracting from what they do, who they help, and ultimately, how they can help you.

Because of this, their site is easy to navigate. Images of the two attorneys are sprinkled throughout their other pages. These images are professional but also showcase the attorneys in a casual and accessible light. It makes them feel like real people you’d like to work with, which is always a plus when looking choosing between firms.

Their “News” banner on the front page draws the eye, and clicking leads to a blog that is frequently updated.

4. Bertram

Bertram is clever with showing their motto through the image of a yellow bird outside of a cage right as you enter their homepage. It is not only a fun conversation starter but an image that can be easily remembered. Their playful and fun colors also contribute to their overall vision and motto of being a different kind of law firm.

A huge win for Bertram is their use of ALT tags. While there are many ways to make your website accessible, ALT tags are one of the easiest ways to automatically up your accessibility & SEO game. Ironically enough, many websites fail to do this simple step, so we give Bertram extra points for this!

5. Zafiro Law

At first glance of the homepage, Katrina Zafiro looks friendly and eager to help you with your legal needs with her high-quality photo. The site is easily navigable with an intro to who she is, what her firm stands for, and the services she provides.

We especially love the diversity of marketing resources she offers like free downloadable content and blogs. She also has a page centered specifically around her Filipino audience, which further enforces her credibility in her immigration law practice area.

6. Aftermarket Law

Aftermarket Law has completely nailed their branding throughout their site. Their practice area, CTA, and vision are clear and concise. You know exactly who their clientele is and the services they offer, so there’s no guesswork. They’ve done an excellent job padding their site with different social proof through testimonials and different accolades they’ve won over the years.

Aftermarket does a great job in staying active & in front of their potential clients. Their frequent social media posts, free resources on their site, and continuously updated blog posts display that they are serious about being subject matter experts in their field.

This website for solo practitioner Tycha Kimbrough is a terrific example of how to brand yourself through clean design and good content marketing. Through Tycha’s high-quality images and background, it’s easy to get a sense of what it would be like to work with her. Highlighting the attributes of one individual is key for a solo attorney and this site makes Kimbrough seem approachable while emphasizing her background and expertise.

Besides her free downloadable resources and blog posts, our favorite feature is her monthly FAQ video. They are quick videos focused on answering highly asked questions, which is a great way to further provide authority in her practice area.

8. Haugen Law Group

Haugen Law Group’s website is exactly what we look for in a well-designed site. High-quality photos, sleek design, and clear CTA are just a few reasons why this site stands out. They have taken out any fillers on their website and focus on exactly what they would want to tell a potential client. The low scroll time & easy navigation help give those visiting the website a clear picture of who they are and what they are about.

Family law firms can be tough to market because no one wants to be seen as making light of such difficult issues. Haugen Law has a great balance of conveying & acknowledging this can be a hard process emotionally. Their inclusive language reaffirms that they will help the client navigate those problems successfully.

9. Eifert Law

This estate planning firm showcases exactly what they are about through a great photo of a family mixed with a bit of graphics. The visually appealing photo and clear CTA are an easy way to evoke the emotion of wanting to take care of your family through estate planning. Consistent graphics and design are sprinkled throughout the whole website.

Eifert offers expansive resources including an estate planning checklist, estate planning guide, free newsletter, and more. Giving away valuable content to potential clients is an easy value add for not only them but also you.

10. OFT Law

OFT Law is a food poisoning law firm focused on handling food injury cases nationwide. This solid example of how to do a good job marketing a highly-specialized niche practice. While it has clean, simple graphics & photos for the front page, the site also leans heavily on promoting the expertise of the firm.

It’s important when you have a specialized niche practice to provide as much practical content as possible and OFT Law does a great job of that. They breakdown the major foodborne illnesses complete with a scientific background of the illness & signs of food poisoning. They also have a separate page where they update with any current foodborne illness outbreaks throughout the country.

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Last updated January 25th, 2023