A law firm website is the heart of your marketing efforts—no matter how someone finds out about you, their next stop is almost certain to be your website. People who get a face-to-face recommendation will look you up from their smartphone. If you advertise your firm online, people will have to land somewhere when they click. No matter how you market your firm, your website is often your first chance to make an impression on a potential client. Make it count.

Best Practices for Law-Firm Website Design


Our design guide for law-firm websites draws on what we’ve learned from the annual website contest we’ve hosted for over five years. We’ve condensed the lessons from our contest into a collection of best practices for law-firm-website design. Find out what the best law-firm websites have in common!

Get the Website You Need

It can be frustrating to try to figure out how to get a good website that is tailored to your budget, needs, and goals. It’s hard to know which web designers and developers do good work, are reliable, and won’t try to sell you bogus stuff you don’t need. People have been asking us for recommendations for years (and we’ve been giving them), but now we’re making it easier than ever. Just fill out this free needs assessment and we will make a personalized recommendation for you.

We’ve always given personal recommendations; the assessment form just makes it easier for us to get some of the information we need to help us figure out what you need. It’s totally free.

Start Now!


Every year, we ask our readers to help us find the best law firm websites, then we pick the top ten from the nominations. For past winners and information on nominating a website for the contest, see our law-firm-websites contest page.

Please wait for the call for nominations to submit websites. Otherwise we will just ignore you.

Law-Firm Website Posts

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