Best Law-Firm Websites, 2015 Edition


Free: 10 Things the Best Law-Firm Website Designs Have in Common

For seven years, Lawyerist has published an annual list of the best law firm websites. Now, you can find out what they have in common.

Every year, we ask our readers to help us find the best law firm websites, then pick the top ten. Check out the current law firm websites contest!

This year we had over 100 nominations for the best law firm website of 2015. With the help of Lawyerist contributors Gyi Tsakalakis, Andrew Cabasso, and Karin Conroy, Sam and Aaron narrowed the list to the ten best.

Best is a relative term, of course. Everybody has their own standards. In general, we were all looking for distinctive, well-designed, responsive websites with clear calls to action. In other words, websites that make the law firm look good and get visitors to contact the firm. For the most part, we all agreed on the best, but there are a couple of polarizing websites in the top 10. We’ll let you guess which are which.

Without further ado, here are the top ten …

(All links will open in a new tab to make it easier to visit them all.)

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  • Kirsten Weinzierl

    All of these websites look pretty snazzy! Congrats to the Top 10!

  • Nice! And congrats to the designer of #3 and #6, PaperStreet, for getting your clients showcased here. :)

  • Andrew Grosvenor Esq

    I don’t know if #5 deserves full credit – they didn’t even change the default background image from Squarespace’s “Bedford” theme…

  • Joseph Dang

    Do you have visitor and conversion numbers for these websites? I know a few lawyers who use the live chat popup which might annoy lawyers but converts visitors at a healthy rate.

    The prettiest site that doesn’t convert visitors into prospects is useless for lawyers who want their website to bring in business.

    • Viewing websites primarily through the lens of traffic and conversion numbers will get you into trouble.

      Image matters. Reputation matters. Not annoying the shit out of your visitors with pop-ups matters — even if you could get more business by using them.

      Anyway, this contest isn’t about metrics. It’s about well-designed websites, judged subjectively.

    • You’ve got a point Joseph. Our focus is on design & functionality but we also make sure to track our clients’ visitor traffic and flow and make updates accordingly.

      This is a great list in that it focuses on the design. I will say that I think there’s something to be said for custom work versus altering templates, but of course that’s because it’s my studio’s speciality. Cheers!

  • Thanks for featuring our custom WordPress website for Philly firm Berner, Klaw & Watson! We had a blast working with their team on updating their branding & website.

  • pretty cool to see Square Space sites in your list.

  • Wow just came across this page and this has to be some kind of joke….? 6 of these sites (possibly more) are straight cut and paste templates….To win a “best law-firm website” award is slap in the face to anyone who actually writes code and has a real understanding of design with SEO.

    Some of these sites are not even operational! Did you go through the sites and find the dead links? Test the speed; y-slow? Look at #5!!! I’m all for squarespace and love their templates but geeze, you couldn’t change the background image? In the Staver Law Group website they say that Postolli custom wrote their code…. However they dont mention that they use the same code for every site they build…. Take a look at the Worgul Law Firm page from Pittsburgh. (This template seems to be about two years old – minimum)

    I’m not sure who decided these are the best law firm websites of 2015, but you should all be ashamed

  • Leon Hogarth

    I am currently designing a website for a law firm in the UK and came to this page looking for inspriation. Sad to say I have found very little here, most of these sites are woeful at best (#3 excluded). To promote the blind use of templates without any content or marketing strategy is a poor show.

    You say conversion capability is a factor in your judging yet you have sites on this list where I couldn’t even find any contact details.

  • Hey Guys!! you did excellent work (designing) for all the websites..But I found #3 is unique idea. I would like to go with it next time :)

  • you can have a look at some of the websites we’ve created for law firms: (like Hansons Lawyers, Bahlmann Law, Burke Legal)