Best Legal Podcasts

There are hundreds of legal podcasts out there, covering topics from legal news to technology trends, law firm marketing, and legal ethics.

Anyone with an internet connection and a microphone can make a podcast these days, but to make a good podcast is no easy task.

So to help you find the legal industry podcasts you should listen to, we’ve created this list of some of our favorites and what we think are currently the best legal podcasts:

1. Lawyerist Podcast

lawyerist podcast featured image

We’re not objective here, but we do think our podcast is the best show about law practice, so we had to list it at the top of best legal podcasts.

The Lawyerist Podcast is a weekly podcast about lawyering and law practice hosted by our very own Laura Briggs and Stephanie Everett. Our conversations with successful lawyers, industry experts, and prominent business book authors cover innovative business models, legal technology, marketing, ethics, starting a law firm, and whenever possible, robots. We get into the nuts and bolts of running a law practice and focus on topics to help solo and small firm attorneys, all with humor, caring, and the latest information. It’s a great podcast for forward-thinking lawyers looking for a better way to practice law.

(P.S.- we’re not the only ones who think this show is great. We’ve received multiple awards and are proud to produce this show!)

There are over 250-episodes to listen to. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our favorite picks.

User Review of the Lawyerist Podcast

“I absolutely love this podcast! I spend quite a bit of time in my car driving for work and am an avid podcaster. When I found these guys I was skeptical because, to be honest being an attorney hasn’t always been the best thing. I have never loved a job, and have been searching for my legal path for years. After listening to one particular episode I immediately knew where I needed to go. Let’s just say these guys are the reason I am still practicing and plan to start my own firm here in the near future. I hope to attend the TBD law conference one day and meet the guys responsible for helping me find my motivation in this career!!”


Great Episodes of the Lawyerist Podcast

  • Episode #147: Accessible Justice with Haben Girma In this episode, Lawyerist talks with deaf-blind civil rights lawyer and accessibility advocate Haben Girma about accessible justice and how designing courts, law firms, and the attorney-client relationship for people with disabilities can increase access to justice for everyone.
  • Episode #208: Hard Questions for Small-Firm Lawyers with Stephanie Everett On the questions small firm lawyers should ask themselves. When you are struggling with your law firm—struggling with money, struggling with time, struggling to focus—it’s helpful to take a step back and ask yourself some hard questions. This episode covers a few of those hard questions and answers about how you can get back on track.

2. LawNext

law next podcast featured image

LawNext is a weekly podcast hosted by Bob Ambrogi, publisher of LawSites and expert in all things legal tech. Each episode features an interview with entrepreneurs and innovators that are transforming the legal landscape and improving access to justice.

The conversations in each episode provide insights, thoughts, and predictions on topics ranging from blockchain, new legal tech products and services, and the future of law and legal practice. It’s a great podcast for those interested in legal innovation or who want to keep up-to-date on legal tech trends and developments.

User Review of LawNext

“Bob’s ability to bring on top-notch guests each week and cover innovation and legal tech issues are second to none. This is definitely one of my go-to podcasts to keep on top of what’s changing in the legal industry and getting to know who the innovators are who are leading the change.”


Great Episodes of LawNext

legal toolkit podcast featured image

Hosted by Heidi Alexander and Jared Correia, Legal Toolkit is a monthly podcast with an eye towards law practice management and how to get better at it. Each episode features an interview with top lawyers and professionals to discuss services, ideas, and programs that have improved their practices and the management of their practices. The episodes discuss the latest in legal trends, tools, and tips so you can build out your toolkit for better law practice.  

This podcast has been around for nearly ten years, so you can say it has stood the test of time. While some of the earlier episodes focus on topics catered towards Massachusetts attorneys, the episodes now cover topics applicable to attorneys no matter where they practice. The podcast also does a good job of revising tech topics to stay relevant.

“These podcasts are invaluable thanks to Jared Correia’s expertise in the field of Law Practice Management. Jared loads them with many practical tips for solo and small firm lawyers while keeping them entertaining – his sense of humor is great! Jared shares the cutting edge tips and tricks necessary to grow and enhance your law practice. I don’t know anyone else who can make ethics, marketing, and firm budgets so fun. You won’t regret listening, and you’re sure to be a better lawyer for it!”

-Emily Amara Gordon

  • Better Together: Cultivating Partnerships with Legal Tech Vendors. Host Jared Correia and Patrick Palace give tips on how lawyers and legal tech vendors can develop better working relationships. They discuss the steps lawyers should go through when vetting the scalability and efficiency of new legal tech for their firms. For those who want to create unique tools, Jared and Patrick share their thoughts on cultivating partnerships for collaborative tech development.
  • Diversity (or Lack Thereof) in the Legal Profession The lack of minorities like people of color, women, and people with disabilities working within the legal industry has long been a topic of discussion but there has been very little progress when it comes to inclusion. In the episode of Legal Toolkit, host Jared Correia talks to Jeena Cho about why there’s a lack of diversity in the legal industry, what both individual lawyers and firms are doing about it, and why it’s important for legal professionals to care. They also discuss unconscious bias including what it is and how to address it.

4. Building NewLaw

building new law podcast featured image

Building New Law is a Canadian legal podcast, hosted by Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold of Counter Tax Lawyers in Toronto (a winner of our 2019 Best Law Firm Websites), that features interviews and insights to help spur on the next generation of law and to bring a more client-centric approach to the delivery of legal services. It’s a deliberate and thoughtful approach to improve your law practice by focusing on people first.

Episode topics range from how to improve productivity, how to make your law practice more efficient with technology, and, of course, how to provide a great client experience. As a bonus for Canadian attorneys, certain episodes of Building New Law are CPD (the Canadian form of CLE) accredited, so you’ll be able to get some free CPD as you listen.

User Review of Building NewLaw

“This podcast is a surprising gem in a world somehow overloaded with legal podcasts. Building New Law has managed to make something that is consistently interesting and unique.”


Great Episodes of Building NewLaw

  • Season 2, Episode #7: Building a client-first law firm before it’s too late. Peter Aprile and Nathalie Worsfold interview Jordan Furlong.  Jordan is a leading global legal market analyst and the interview focuses on Jordan’s new book Law Is A Buyer’s Market: Building A Client-First Law Firm.  In the interview, Jordan shares how clients are influencing the changes that law firms must make to prosper. 
  • Season 1, Episode #10: Seth Godin tells lawyers how to make art and start a ruckus. Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold interview Seth Godin.  Yes, Seth Godin!!!!  S-E-T-H-G-O-D-I-N!!!!!!!  We believe that outside voices are key to the legal industry evolution.  And, as long time fans (…well…Stans to be more accurate), we believe Seth’s insight adds considerable value to the conversation.  Seth talks to us about the “lawyer narrative”, real v. perceived fear, making art, and the future of legal industry in the connection economy.

5. The Gen Why Lawyer

the gen why lawyer podcast featured image

Hosted by millennials and attorneys Nicole Abboud and Karima Gulick, The Gen Why Lawyer focuses on providing inspiration, discussion, and advice catered towards young attorneys. Though the hosts and guests deliver quality content on how to craft a meaningful life and career for attorneys of any generation.

While this podcast is less tech-focused than some of the other podcasts on this list, it’s focused on the how and why attorneys practice can provide a guiding light to your own career. Episode topics range from kindness in your legal career, empowerment, and modern law practice management.

User Review of the Gen Why Lawyer

“Please don’t let the title of the podcast and the episodes deter you if you are a seasoned lawyer. This is a GREAT resource for forward-thinking lawyers of every age and experiences, particularly those with entrepreneur aspirations. Nicole Abboud (cool name and perfect eyebrows) offers up the perfect mix of enthusiasm and information in these episodes. This is easily one of the top three legal podcasts of the past several years.”


Great Episodes of the Gen Why Lawyer

  • Episode #166: 5 powerful benefits of instilling values in your law firm with Jordan Couch. Jordan Couch is an attorney and Cultural Ambassador at Palace Law where his practice focuses on plaintiff’s side workers’ compensation and personal injury litigation. Outside of his practice Jordan is heavily involved in state, local, and national bar associations, advocating for a better, more client-centric future to the legal profession. In this episode, we chat about the importance of installing values in your law firm and discuss some legal tech tool and productivity hacks.
  • Episode #146: Hiring your first staff and coping with impostor syndrome with Aastha Madaan. Starting a law practice and getting overwhelmed with all the administrative tasks, Aastha and I chat about hiring your first staff and learning to delegate. We also chat about virtual office v. brick and mortar office and the overhead associated with that, and dealing with the impostor syndrome.

6. New Solo

new solo podcast featured image

Hosted by Adriana Linares, New Solo is a monthly podcast that provides insight and tips on transitioning from a law firm to a solo practice. It goes through and answers questions that many attorneys having regarding all phases of a solo career and how to build their practice within the context of interviews from attorneys who have traveled that path themselves. Each episode features a new guest with experience in the topic of the episode and provides actionable information and tips for attorneys to make the most out of their new solo practice.

User Review of New Solo

“I started about 6 months ago listening to new episodes and now I am doubling by also listening to past episodes. This podcast has motivated me to move out and educated me on how to have a smoother enough landing. Each guest provides honest tips and leads as well as sharing their own solo experience or how their service or product is useful to a solo. I also appreciate the different viewpoints and opinions. The host, Adriana, is outstanding at keeping the podcast moving and informing while keeping it light and entertaining. Each episode provides me with something to follow up on or look into further. Way worth your time! Solos, this is a must!”


Great Episodes of New Solo

  • Using Chatbot Technology to Automate your Firm. In this episode of New Solo, host Adriana Linares talks to Tom Martin about how small firm lawyers can implement chatbots on their own websites. They discuss how the technology works and address some of the common hesitations lawyers have when considering the use of a chatbot.
  • The Secret Life of a Mobile Lawyer with Greg McLawsen. Having a successful law career and traveling is not mutually exclusive. With the interconnectedness of the world and all the new technology out there, living life as a mobile attorney is very do-able. This episode interviews Greg McLawsen about life as a nomadic attorney, and how you can achieve that lifestyle for yourself.

7. Clienting

Clienting podcast featured image

Clienting is a bi-monthly podcast hosted by Gyi Tsakalakis and Kelly Street, who also host the monthly Lunch Hour Legal Marketing podcast. To quote Kelly and Gyi, Clienting is “your place to get information about legal marketing in the digital age. Talking about all things client development, digital marketing, and ethical implications of these topics in the legal field.”

It’s an entertaining and accessible deep dive on complex marketing topics and concepts for everyone, no matter what your marketing experience is. Each episode features either Kelly, Gyi, or an expert guest to talk about all things marketing and how you can apply them to your practice.

User Review of Clienting

“As a new solo attorney, the idea of marketing in this hyper-technical world can be overwhelming. Clienting takes a fun and informative approach to discuss online marketing for lawyers. Thank you!”


Great Episodes of Clienting

  • Episode #7: Small Firm Scorecard with Sam Glover. Ok, so admittedly this selection is a bit biased, but it really is a good episode! Sam goes into detail on the Small Firm Scorecard and how you can use it to improve your practice, your life, and career.
  • Clienting #33: Justie Nicol on Tech Tools for Client Development. Gyi Tsakalakis and Kelly Street were joined by Justie Nicol, owner of Nicol Law Offices, a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is savvier than the average solo attorney who uses tech tools to make her practice run smoother and better work/life balance. 

8. The Law Entrepreneur

the law entrepreneur podcast feature image

Hosted by Neil Tyra, The Law Entrepreneur podcast is about the business side of running a law practice. Neil shares the perspective that many attorneys have: law school didn’t and doesn’t adequately prepare attorneys to run a law practice, let alone one that can scale into a thriving business.

Neil’s podcast is born out of that frustration and his experiences from running his own firm. He interviews practicing lawyers and industry experts who provide lots of great advice and insight on running a successful law firm on topics ranging from niche practice areas, student loans, leveraging LinkedIn, how to grow your practice and everything in between.

User Review of the Law Entrepreneur

“Whenever I meet a fellow lawyer who has started or is considering starting his or her own law firm, I insist they subscribe to this podcast. It gives a peek into success stories and different ways of developing a law firm business. It includes interviews with people who provide services to lawyers, advice about small firm tech, and people who genuinely like what they do for a living.”


Great Episodes of the Law Entrepreneur

  • Episode #165 – The Care and Feeding of Social Media for Attorneys – with Megan Zavieh & Erin Gerstenzang So, this episode is about why attorneys should be using social media – because it is an essential tool for communication with clients and potential clients – and how attorneys can do this more effectively and efficiently. We discuss overcoming the reluctance to join social media, how you can make the process of maintaining your online presence easier, the tools that will help you stay on top of using multiple platforms, and the evolving rules covering lawyers’ use of social media.
  • Episode #156 – Creating a Subscription-Based Virtual Law Practice – with Kimberly Bennett. Kimberly Bennett runs a boutique trademark and business strategy practice out of Atlanta that provides a subscription service for businesses all around the country. It is a flat fee for virtual general counsel law services, and it just might offer a glimpse at the future of professional service business models.

9. Lawyers Gone Ethical

lawyers gone ethical podcast featured image

Lawyers Gone Ethical is hosted by Megan Zavieh. Her weekly podcast is a must for anyone that wants to stay up to date with the constantly changing ethical rules of law. Not only will she cover today’s most pressing topics she will also provide the tools and resources to be successful in today’s law landscape.

The business of law is constantly evolving. Staying out of trouble requires that lawyers understand the latest interpretations and applications of the ethics rules. It also requires us to figure out what to do when the rules and modern business and technology are not in sync.

User Review of the Lawyers Gone Ethical

Who would have thought….. that a podcast about attorney ethics could be so entertaining and informative? Keep up the good work, Megan.

-W Pollock

Great Episodes of the Lawyers Gone Ethical

10. Maximum Lawyer

maximum lawyer podcast featured image

Maximum Lawyer is hosted by Jim Hacking & Tyson Mutrux. This weekly podcast covers a wide range of topics from marketing, hiring, and everything else you need to run or start a law firm. Not only will they cover the basics. They will also dive into growing pains and address mental health issues that are associated with solo law firms.

User Review of Maximum Lawyer

Tyson and Jimmy have a really great thing going here – great interviews with people in and out of the legal industry about how to build and grow a great law firm business. Well done!!!

-T Copeland

Great Episodes of the Lawyers Gone Ethical

  • The Mindset of Social Media For Lawyers, with Mitch Jackson. In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Mitch Jackson, The Streaming Lawyer. Listen as they dive deep into the mindset of social media and go over the importance of showing your human side in your marketing, consistency and choosing the right platforms for your content.