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Gavel Review: Legal Document Automation

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Lawyerist Rating for Gavel


Rating Breakdown

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.


Product Details

Services Offered
  • Document Automation
  • Web
Software Integrations
  • Clio
  • Word
  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • DocuSign

Core Features

For Document Management & Automation, the following are essential features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.


Free Trial

Open API

An open API means that the program has an application programming interface that will allow it to directly integrate with other software programs such your firm's timekeeping, accounting, or custom relationship management software.

Version Control

This means the software provides information on document revisions and makes sure you are using the most recent version of a template.


Built-In E-Signing

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Metadata Scrubbing

Document Templates

The document management program creates resuable templates.

Court Forms

Guided Interviews

The program can create a guided interview and then use the client's answers to automatically create a document.

Conditional Logic

If the software uses conditional logic, this means that you can choose to have certain text in your assembled document included only under certain conditions


This means the software can generate tables of any size and place them in your assembled document.


If this field is checked, it means the software can perform calculations based on numerical or text input.

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Gavel Logo
  • White Labeling
  • MS Word Add-in
  • Guided Interviews
  • Weak Zapier Integration
  • No Ready-made Templates
  • Expensive

Clio Draft


Lawyaw logo
  • MS Word Add-in
  • Low-Code
  • Ready-made Forms
  • No Guided Interviews
  • No ePayments
  • No White Labelling



HotDocs logo
  • MS Word Add-in
  • Integrations
  • Open API
  • No ePayments
  • Complex Set-up
  • Not for Solos



Afterpattern logo
  • Built-in eSignature
  • White Labeling
  • Online Payments
  • No Ready-made Templates
  • Complex Set-up
  • Not Turn-key

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Gavel?

Gavel pricing starts at $83/month.

Does Gavel integrate with my Law Practice Management Software?

The platform integrates directly with Clio Manage and allows the import of Client and Matter information. Additionally, through their Zapier integration, lawyers can connect to a whole host of Law Practice Management Systems and other applications. As of this review, however, Gavel's Zapier integration is a bit weak.

Can my law office accept eSignatures through Gavel?

Yes. Using DocuSign integration, users can easily add eSign capabilities into their application. The firm must subscribe at the Pro level ($290/mo) in order to access the DocuSign integration.

Can my law firm accept ePayments through Gavel?

Yes. Through its integrations with Stripe, lawyers can add a paywall anywhere in the Gavel workflow. The firm must subscribe at the Pro level ($290/mo) in order to access the Stripe integration.

Does Gavel have Guided Interviews or client-facing forms?

Yes. With Gavel, users can create Guided Interviews (and include video instructions), or simply use client-facing forms to input and manipulate information in their documents.

Is Gavel easy for lawyers to use?

As a no-code solution, Gavel's MS Word add-on makes it relatively easy for non-programmers to create documents. As with all document assembly solutions, however, users will need to have an idea of basic programming concepts like loops, variables, and conditional logic. You can likely learn these from Gavel’s how-to videos and tutorials.

Can my law firm use our own templates?

Yes. In fact, loading your own templates and then using the MS Word add-on to automate them is probably the best way to begin.

Does Gavel have ready-made templates?

No. But with the MS Word add-on, it is relatively easy to get started using your own forms.

How difficult is Gavel to set-up?

The platform is a no-code solution with a Microsoft Word add-on. For simple documents and workflows, users can generally get set-up almost immediately. However, as with all document assembly products, we suggest taking advantage of Gavel's on-boarding process and reviewing their how-to videos. This app's strength is in some of its more complex features, and users will want to take advantage of that.

Will Gavel work on my computer?

As a browser-based solution, Gavel will work on any computer with a modern browser. Obviously, in order to use the MS Word add-in, users will need separate access to MS Word. The Gavel add-in works on Word for Windows and Word for Mac.

Additional Details about Gavel


This platform allows users to collect sensitive data, such as Social Security Numbers, on intake forms, but redact that information on the document that is generated. Which means that the information is still retained but will not appear in the document.

Custom Development

Gavel can help get a user’s forms and templates up on their system with its Automation Specialist program. This is particularly useful for busy firms who don’t have time to set up hundreds of templates.

Server Location Choices

Set up a server anywhere in the world to comply with data security laws in your jurisdiction.

Who Gavel is for

Gavel is an excellent document automation tool for firms wanting to create documents that include guided interviews, both internal and client-facing, those looking to create multiple documents simultaneously, and those hitting the limitations of document assembly tools built into many LPMS products.

Not sure where to begin? Download our Field Guide

Take the guesswork out of researching, purchasing, and implementing the right legal tech products and services for your law firm. Our Field Guide answers your essential questions and breaks down the features most important to your business, so you can buy with confidence.

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Gavel Community Reviews

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  • Ruby L. says:
    You wouldn’t think this but I looked at so many software providers, and Gavel is the one who had the most power, was easiest to use, and had the most supportive and responsive team. They truly care about their customers – the customer team and the founder are really helpful and supportive. My customers love the workflows and intakes I put in front of them, and my team finds the software easy to use and was easy to transition to.
  • Arisa F. says:
    Using Gavel as my client intake, document automation, and portal has been a game changer for my and their happiness. I have created several workflows that I created into bundles that my clients can take in their client portal. They are able to log in at their pace, and then I use their client data to generate documents for them. The automation engine is really powerful and was surprisingly easy to set up. Great software.
  • Robert B. says:

    June 7, 2022 Update Renders Software Useless for Lawyers

    After using documate for over 2 years, documate randomly re-wrote their software on June 7, 2022. The software is now only useful if you have 2 or fewer “interviews” or only 1 client. The software, while it had its limitations, could at least pull answers from one interview into another answer file allowing you to use the new updated template with your client’s data. Now, however, you can no longer search answer files by client name, preventing you from finding your client’s most recent answer file and importing those answers into a new template. My office spent over 2 years building templates and training around the software as it was formerly built. All of that time is now a waste and documate has no answer or solution.
    • . says:
      Hi Robert – We discussed and resolved this issue for you immediately after you raised it in June 2022, but I wanted to leave a note here for public visibility since this review remains live. We care immensely about building a powerful product that evolves with new features, but that always continues to meet our customers’ needs. When we heard your concerns with the new feature release and your use case, we assigned members of our engineering team to immediately add your request into the new version of Data Manager, and that resolved your needs. Thank you for continuing to trust us with your automation and online legal practice. We have also invited you to our customer feedback group, where we always run new features by current customers before we release to make sure we’re accounting for all use cases.

      Thank you!
      CEO, Documate

  • Noel F. says:

    been looking for this for years

    Great product and team. Excited I found it here! Robust enough that I can do almost anything in my documents and not have to make edits after they generate. But also dead simple to get started. And it can be client-facing. Their team is responsive at all hours of the days, nights, and weekends – dont know if their team sleeps!!! I have tried pretty much every solution out there, and the others are all so developer-centric that I couldn’t figure them out, and I’m pretty tech savvy! Best platform out there – been looking for something like this for my entire time practicing.
  • Kristofer S. says:

    Not just doc automation, but legal product/app builder!

    I cannot emphasize how much Documate has changed my practice. I started using it for pure document automation, but I have now built a suite of legal products and web apps (e.g., I have a “TurboTax” for uncontested divorces, one for wills, and another for employment docs, and many more coming!) that I charge consumers for using Documate and the paywall integrations. So the software has paid dividends in allowing me to monetize my practice by building flat fee tools. I was going to hire a developer to help me do this, but Documate is like your own personal software development tool for your firm (but I didn’t need to learn anything about code).

    It’s been easy and intuitive to set up, but whenever I’ve had questions, their customer service has far surpassed my expectations. I’ve made a few feature requests that they implemented. So, for that, you’re welcome to the rest of you… :)

  • Josh J. says:

    Goldilocks of legal platforms

    Lots of power, but also super easy to use. Justttt right.
  • TJ J. says:

    Powerful tool for complex document automation and client collaboration

    Our firm uses Documate to generate a variety of contract sets. Because no coding knowledge is required, we were able to set it up very quickly. It allows for quite a bit of complexity in formatting your documents, adding conditional logic, and setting up complex calculations. The system passed our high privacy and data security requirements, and they set every user up on a dedicated instance, which is crucial when you’re dealing with sensitive legal information.

    Whenever we have had any “wish list” items, they’ve been quick to add features. The customer service is excellent.

  • Susan L. says:

    Our firm loves Documate

    Used to be HotDocs users, but we switched to Documate last year. We love the software. It’s very easy to set up workflows, but it also has been able to do everything we want it to – all kinds of formatting, conditions, calculations, etc. Thanks to the Documate team for their excellent customer support, too.
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