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  • Christina P. says:

    Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with Nexa. While the onboarding and sales team are great, I had several complaints from colleagues about the actual receptionists answering the phone. The receptionists would say my name wrong, would sometimes have background noise when answering, and sometimes sounded confused when transferring the call.

  • Additional Details about Nexa Receptionists

    Security. The company offers a secure messaging smartphone app that is HIPAA-compliant. Data stored on the phone is encrypted.

    Local to Arizona. Instead of outsourcing calls to virtual receptionists located across the country, Nexa handles 99% of calls at their headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. The remaining 1% of calls are processed by its virtual receptionists elsewhere in Arizona to ensure quality control of the services Answer1 provides.

    Optional services. Nexa offers a number of optional services. Companies can choose to integrate their call handling with a CRM, connect it with the firm’s calendar so you can schedule matters directly, or set up secure text messages for maximum data protection. There is a web portal and a billing tracker available as well.

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