PracticePanther can save lawyers time with two-way texting using a business line. It may also save you an ethics complaint. Lack of communication is often cited as the biggest point of stress with clients. Although not a panacea, SMS texting with clients help lawyers meet their customers where they are—on their phones.

It’s unlikely that clients are sitting at their computers waiting for an email from their attorney. If a lawyer wants to communicate with them, they will have more success through text messaging. We’d like to stress, however, that texting is not generally secure.  Lawyers should keep from sending confidential or privileged information via text.

Business Texting with PracticePanther

PracticePanther ships with two-way text messaging built directly into the platform. This allows lawyers to track communications beyond just email within the system itself. It also makes it more convenient to keep track of the time a lawyer spends on that communication.

Beyond sending notifications and status updates, a lawyer can also send invoices, custom payment links, and documents for eSignature. This convenience may be the difference between signing a client and never hearing from them again. Additionally, since the communication is within the system, it’s easier to use PracticePanther’s tasks and automations to spread communication responsibilities among multiple team members.

How to Get It

Want to learn more? Visit our full review of PracticePanther. There, you can compare features, read community comments, and watch additional demo videos. Or, if you’d like to jump right in, get a demo or a free trial at

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Last updated October 19th, 2022