To many, public relations (PR) sounds like something only large law firms need to worry about, or maybe firms who have an image they need to repair. In reality, though, it’s something you already do at your practice—just not necessarily with intention. Postali would like to help you change that, to help you become more intentional with your law firm’s PR.

You see, you’re already speaking at events, meeting people at your social organizations, and sponsoring little league baseball teams. You may be posting about this on your social media or writing blog posts on your website. Postali will tell you that this is all PR for your law firm, and, it’s good for your practice—but you need a plan. The first step to the plan is laying your foundation.

Initial Foundation for Law Firm Public Relations

First, you can’t do anything without a basic (or, hopefully, solid) firm website. This is where you get to speak to potential clients and other members of the public on your terms. Many times, it’s the place where you will ultimately direct people to learn more about your law firm.

Second, you’ll want good branding. This means logos, letterhead, firm colors, and even (gasp!) a firm font (e.g., Matthew Butterick’s Typography for Lawyers). As far as law firm PR goes, branding is also about the tone your website, and other publications take when presenting information.

Last, you’ll need social media profiles, and they need to be updated regularly. If your last Instagram post is from two presidents ago, you might as well not have an account. You don’t need to use a platform that doesn’t fit your branding or doesn’t speak to your audience. Still, potential clients see your social posts, or—and this may be more important—they don’t.

Check out our interview with Tamara, from Postali, to learn more about how you can get started managing your law firm’s public relations.

How to Get it

Want to learn more about Postali? Check out our full review and see how their features stack up against other law firm marketing providers. Don’t forget, Lawyerist subscribers can claim an Affinity Benefit discount on  Postali’s review page.If you’re ready to connect with Postali directly, head on over to their site at and get a free consultation.

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Last updated July 17th, 2023