Like any other PR, law firm PR is about building authority and visibility for your practice. Whether you use an agency or handle it in-house, Postali’s Tamara Sykes says you need to create a solid public relations foundation and then make a plan to manage and maintain your efforts.

Previously, Tamara walked us through laying a solid foundation with a healthy website, up-to-date social media, and good branding. However, once done, your office or an agency should consistently manage your law firm PR.

Managing Law Firm PR

Setting Clear Goals and Objectives

As with most endeavors, the first step is to set clear goals and objectives. Although the larger goal—which you should definitely start with—is usually to get more clients in the door, most of us should start with the buyer’s journey. What are our ideal clients looking for, and where are they looking?

Promote and Protect your Brand

Next, your law firm will need to make a plan around these goals. Look to promote and protect your brand—yes, protect your brand. Although most of us think of PR as selling, it’s really about storytelling and connecting with our audience (i.e., your potential clients). Promoting your brand is about finding where your audience is and talking to them in that channel (or channels).

In much the same way, protecting your brand is also about connecting with your audience. It’s just focused more on making sure you’re mitigating or minimizing things that might tarnish your brand. And, yes, this means scouring Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other media outlets for mentions of your brand, your employees, or even your clients.

Consistently Execute

Lastly, law firm PR is a long game. This is why agencies or a dedicated in-house team can be so helpful. Unlike advertising, PR is not something you can simply put money into and see better results. As Tamara says in the video below, you need to be persistent and resilient. In this space, half efforts are almost as bad as no effort.

Demo Video

Take a look at the video below to hear Postali’s PR Manager, Tamara Sykes, talk to Zack about the steps their agency takes to manage law firm PR.

How to Get It

Want to learn more about how Postali’s marketing agency can help you manage your law firm PR? Check out our full review, where you can compare features, read community reviews, and see other demo videos.Alternatively, if you’re ready to dive right in and connect with Postali, get a free consultation at

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Last updated August 30th, 2023