Search Engine Optimization, for some, is a winner-take-all endeavor. And when you absolutely need to be at the top of the search page, you need someone who can get you there. But it’s not about just landing at the top of the page, it’s about being there for the right people. iLawyer has a strong SEO game. More importantly, though, they have a thoughtful SEO game.

Results from Thoughtful SEO

iLawyer is not going to be your cheapest option. That’s not what they do. But with years of experience in the legal marketing vertical, they know how to play the lawyer SEO game. They start every relationship with a customized internet marketing plan. Here, they look at your current marketing strategy, the strategies and results of your competitors, and design a comprehensive plan to get you to where you want to go.

In addition to creating this plan, they have monthly meetings with their clients to look over their results. With a monthly Google Analytics analysis, your office (with the help of iLawyer) can determine what works, what doesn’t, and iterate to the best marketing strategy for your firm.

Take a look at the video below to see some of the recent results iLawyer has produced.

iLawyerMarketing Demo Video

How to Get It

Ready to learn more? Check out our full review of iLawyerMarketing. There you will find community reviews, additional demos, features charts, and more. Remember that Lawyerist subscribers get additional discounts through the Affinity Benefits offered by our partners.

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Last updated August 30th, 2023