BluShark Digital is a marketing company built for lawyers. It was born from one lawyer’s frustration with digital marketing in his own practice. Although they are full service, their specialty is in SEO—particularly local SEO. 

Why Local SEO?

Search algorithms are almost constantly adjusting. Your digital marketing partner needs to be up to date with—and even anticipate—those changes. Recently, Google released its Vicinity Update, which prioritizes proximity to the searcher. This means that even without entering a locality, Google is giving greater value to results that are near the searcher.

This is where local SEO comes into play. Optimizing your efforts to rank for clients near you increase your office’s ranking potential for those clients.  You want to do this anyway, Google now is just making it more important.

Demo Video

Check out the video below, where Zack interviews Emily, from BluShark, about the importance of local SEO.

How to Get It

What to learn more? Check out our full review of BluShark Digital, including community comments, features, FAQs, and more videos.Ready to contact BluShark directly, request a consultation from them over at

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Last updated September 27th, 2022