The goal of most content marketing is to drive potential new clients to a lawyer’s website. Social media posts, as a form of content marketing, should do that for an attorney as well. BluShark Digital uses social media platforms to supplement and enhance its clients’ marketing strategy.

Although many attorneys use social media, not all of them do it well. Posts are rarely incorporated into an overall scheme. BluShark understands that social media strategy should include just that—strategy. With proper planning, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn can become powerful assets in a firm’s intake efforts.

In reality, however, most firms simply don’t have the time to sit down and create a social media strategy. And those that do have the time, rarely have the experience to make it work. The obvious solution, other than ignoring it, is to hand off many of the responsibilities to an experienced third party. Still, lawyers will need to have an idea of what they want to accomplish before they can hand it off.

Social Media Strategy for Law Firms

Before a firm can have a good social media strategy, it will need a good content marketing strategy. This means understanding their ideal client, what voice to use, and what content appeals to their audience. With BluShark, this means asking, “Who is this for?” And, “What do we want to accomplish with this?”

In some cases, social media can be used to enhance a firm’s credibility among its peers. For example, a firm that relies on referrals may simply want to connect with its network. Or a firm might use social media to expand its network by engaging with other thought leaders.

Other firms may want to amplify their brand awareness. A DUI attorney may not have an extensive referral network, but they can get their name out to the public. Sometimes that means letting the firm’s personality shine through. Commenting on recent news on Twitter or posting thoughtful newsletters on LinkedIn can help establish relationships with future potential new clients.

How to Get It

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Last updated December 21st, 2022