Posh Virtual Receptionists provides concierge-level answering services to law firm clients. They handle outgoing calls, messaging, and appointment scheduling. With their mobile app, they bring that, and more, into the palm of a lawyer’s hand.

Posh Mobile App

With Posh, attorneys can manage when calls are transferred to them (and when they’re not). They can easily update their status through the mobile app. And they can adjust what clients are told, and even change what actions the receptionist takes after the call.

Attorneys can also ask for an “assist” through the mobile app. With an assist, Posh handles regular receptionist tasks like following up on a phone call, or scheduling an appointment. Attorneys can even ask for help managing their account—all from the palm of their hand. 

But the app goes beyond just virtual receptionist help. Attorneys can also send text messages and make phone calls through the app. Importantly, these calls and texts are sent from the attorney’s business number, not their personal cell phone. So when the client responds or calls back, the communication stays with Posh, not the attorney’s personal account.

How to Get It

Ready to learn more, check out our full review of Posh Virtual Receptionists. Here, you can read about more features of law office answering services, user reviews, and comparisons to other products. Don’t forget that Lawyerist subscribers get a discounted Affinity Benefit. 

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Last updated September 27th, 2022