LawPay is a payment processing platform built specifically for attorneys and law firms. They help to keep attorneys compliant with trust account obligations and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance obligations, while still offering expected conveniences to their clients. It’s this client-centered outlook that helps LawPay remain a leader in the industry year in and year out. 


One of LawPay’s major client-centered features is the Card Vault, which we reviewed in a previous Product Spotlight article. This functionality allows attorneys to save their client’s payment information inside the system for quick and efficient use later. It stores credit card information in a safe and secure way while remaining PCI compliant (see below).

Request Card Info

As far as client convenience, however, it doesn’t get much better than the ability to request card information from your clients. Even prior to creating an invoice, or billing a tenth of an hour, firms can send a secure link to their clients and collect their credit card, ACH, or debit card information electronically. Not only is this more convenient for the firm, but it’s much easier for your client. And this kind of convenience has come to be expected in consumer-facing industries.

Once client information is collected, it can be used in subsequent transactions to make payments on a client’s account (with their appropriate permission, of course). This makes refilling a trust account a breeze.

Simple PCI Compliance with LawPay

PCI compliance can be a confusing issue for law firms, even at best. And, any attorney who accepts ePayments will have to establish this compliance on an annual basis. This is not very difficult to do if your payment processing is very basic. But, if you introduce client-centric features (like Card Vault) it becomes difficult quickly.

Yet, LawPay takes care of PCI compliance for you—even with these advanced features. Yes, you still have to establish your compliance, but you can do that essentially by showing you use LawPay.

Demo Video

Take a look at the video below to see the request card information feature in action. 

How to Get It

Want to learn more? Check out our full review of LawPay, including community comments, features, FAQs, and more demos.Ready to contact LawPay directly, request a free demo from them over at

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Last updated October 7th, 2022