TimeSolv is a web-based legal billing solution, backed by 20 years of experience, focused on doing it right. As CEO Raza Hasan explains, TimeSolv is “selling a solution for a law firm to get paid more, to get paid faster, and make it easy for them to get this done.”

TimeSolv approaches invoicing with three specific goals, and the technology and automation to make them happen. TimeSolv defines success as maximizing the “three pillars of profitability”:

  1. Increased revenue to the firm;
  2. The firm getting paid faster; and
  3. Easy-to-use software, making 1 and 2 possible.

Increased Revenue

Increasing revenue need not mean working more hours. TimeSolv equips firm leaders with tools to motivate employees under five principles:


Managers can set goals and targets for each employee and track those targets daily, weekly, and monthly. Targets include measures like total hours worked, billable hours worked, and average hourly rate.

Controls are highly granular. For example, a team member could see the number of hours he’s entered, but not the total billable value of the hours, because he has permission to see hours but not the billing rate.

TimeSolv Dashboard Screenshot


TimeSolv possesses robust incentive management, a godsend feature for firms with complex origination and crediting structures. Its fee allocation and commission calculation are second-to-none. One can credit an originating attorney, responsible attorney, supervisors, and working attorneys.

Such capable incentive management, like split origination, is rare. It’s a hefty feature for a web-based program to offer. “You don’t have to do anything extra in Excel.,” Hasan promises.


Accountability is built into TimeSolv and is driven by something lawyers generally hate to contemplate: time entry. But, as Hasan reiterates, it’s best for firms to have a time-tracking policy and to use technology to enforce it.

Every business has an expense tracking policy. Unless it’s a solo practice, a firm member can’t spend company money without accountability. Hasan says in a law firm, time is more valuable than money “because you can never get it back.”

Have a firm-wide time entry policy and enforce it. For example, all time must be entered before leaving for the day. Or all time for the prior week must be in by 9:00 a.m. the following Monday. The firm administrator can enforce the policy and report on compliance via TimeSolv’s Missing Time report, one of many reports and dashboards available.

Happy Clients

Hasan says, “You can’t exceed expectations if you don’t set expectations.” The best way to properly set client expectations is to tell them what will happen, in what order, when, and for how much.

TimeSolv provides a powerful planning tool called Legal Project Management to set out the actions or events in a matter, their order, the responsible individual, and a budget for each action. It’s connected to the matter billing and, if desired, to TimeSolv’s client portal, so the client can view case progress in real-time.

Permitted users see what tasks or stages are complete and whether, down to individual tasks, things are on budget.

Knowing Your Strengths (or Flat Fee Billing)

After a few months of using TimeSolv’s features and reporting, the firm can see results. Robust reporting presents a unified picture of what work the firm completes most profitably. Knowing those strengths can inform marketing strategies. Firms gain abundant clarity through project management and tracking over time.

Get Paid Faster

TimeSolv’s Zero AR eliminates the tedium and aggravation of invoicing with three simple steps.

Automatic Payment Authorization

When signing a client to a new engagement, TimeSolv sends the client a letter (or email) offering to set the client up on automatic payments via a credit card or bank account.

Automatic Emails

Then, when the firm creates an invoice for a client who authorized automatic payments, the client is emailed the invoice. That email also says that the “on-file” payment method will be billed automatically within five days unless the client objects. The client receives another email when the automatic payment is charged.


The system above quickly tells the firm which matters or clients have a dispute or something to discuss.

With many other invoicing systems, there’s often a three-month delay between attorney work and receiving payment.

TimeSolv’s Zero AR reduces the process to five weeks. The attorney records work in month one. That work is invoiced in the early days of month two and paid within five days of invoicing. Zero AR removes a minimum of a month from the invoicing cycle, eliminates payment receipt and recordation headaches. It makes it easy for clients to pay, and alerts firms early to possible “problem” clients.

Efficient Software

Collecting good data to make informed decisions requires the firm to have systems and software that make things like time entry compliance, budgeting, and reporting easy and efficient. TimeSolv lives at this nexus. And, while TimeSolv began life in 1999 as a desktop-based time tracking and invoicing program, it was rebuilt as a web-based app seven years ago, adding many practice management features to its arsenal, such as:

  • Microsoft 365 connectivity;
  • Document storage, both natively and via integrations;
  • eSignature capabilities;
  • CRM features via a partner company in the ProfitSolv family;
  • Document automation;
  • Conflict checking; and
  • Task management.

Experience and Nimbleness

TimeSolv is a fast and feature-rich web application well-served by a 20-year heritage in the legal market. It addresses complex feature needs like split-billing and split-origination that many programs lack. In addition, TimeSolv is the only online product that automatically converts data from TimeSlips, PCLaw, and Tab3, giving users complete access to historical billing information.TimeSolv remains focused on helping lawyers make themselves more profitable. Start a free trial today at timesolv.com/start-now.

TimeSolv Product Demo

Check out Zack’s demo with TimeSolv’s CEO Raza Hasan to learn more about how TimeSolv can increase profitability.

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Last updated April 14th, 2023