Recently, MyCase has been in the legal technology news for its acquisitions. However, the team has also been hard at work extending the capabilities of their platform from within. MyCase Drive is a perfect example of this. As we’ve noted before, MyCase Drive can alleviate many document management stresses. Specifically, though, it can ease version control woes, and streamline document creation workflow.

MyCase Drive Makes Document Management Easier with Version Control

With many cloud-based providers, the creation->editing->saving->storing pipeline can be a rat’s nest of processes. Documents get lost, incorrect versions get used, and local hard drives get clogged with confusing documents. This frustrates lawyers and paralegals alike.

MyCase solves this issue with MyCase Drive. Not only can users easily drag and drop documents into the cloud storage, but they can also create new documents directly out of the platform. Then, when working on documents, there is no need to download them to the local computer to edit. The Office365 integration allows users to edit the cloud document directly as if it were local.

Additionally, because of the Office365 integration, as documents are edited and saved through MyCase Drive, versions are saved just like they are in Word. So, all users can rest assured that they are working on the current version of the document. Although, they could always go back to previous versions if they want.

Learn more about MyCase Drive version control in the video below.

Demo Video

How to Get It

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Last updated June 19th, 2023