There are many ways to form and manage an LLC or Corporation, but working with a licensed attorney is always the best and safest way. For attorneys, entity formation is a great way to create and develop relationships with potential long-term clients as you help them with formation, document creation, and other entity management work. However, it can get expensive for new business owners to hire an attorney when first starting out, and it can be difficult for attorneys to compete with cheap online services, in addition to the time it takes to manage all of the paperwork. But with BetterLegal, you can keep entity formation business in-house, saving you time, earning you more, and helping you take on more clients. 


Setting up a Partner Account with BetterLegal takes no time at all. Simply register, set the fee you want to charge, the personalized URL you want to use, and BetterLegal will take care of the rest. In just minutes, you’ll have a branded form on a customizable site ready to help your clients with entity formation and management. BetterLegal will take payment on your behalf, handle the state and EIN filings, prepare editable bylaws or operating agreements, email everything to you for review with detailed information about state compliance and tax IDs, then automatically snail mail your fee by check. 

Handling further entity management work in-house is also straightforward, thanks to BetterLegal’s secure and dynamic Live Dashboard.

BetterLegal’s Live Dashboard allows clients to make changes and updates to their LLC or Corporation with a few clicks. Your clients make the change in the dashboard, whether it’s a name change or adding a new member, then the Live Dashboard automatically displays what filing or paperwork they need, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. The Live Dashboard allows clients to stay engaged and help manage their company. 

The BetterLegal Live Dashboard is a one-stop shop. Clients can review all company information and documents through the Live Dashboard, and even opt into services to remind them, and you, of compliance or other deadlines. BetterLegal makes it easier for you and your clients to form and manage their business while allowing you to make more money with less work. 

How to Get It

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Last updated September 15th, 2020