Law firm business owners need the right tools and services to help them effectively run and grow their businesses. Unfortunately, choosing law firm software can be overwhelming. The rise in legal software options and service providers only makes things harder. Lawyerist is on a mission to make the buying process easier.

In January of 2022, Lawyerist relaunched their Products and Services Online Portal for small law firms. The goal of this portal is to assemble reviews and information law firm business owners need on legal software and service providers in one place. The result? Easier and faster decisions!

Lawyerist’s Legal Tech Advisor, Zack Glaser, said, “I’ve been in their shoes—running a firm—and now I coach attorneys on how to build an effective tech stack. So, I understand their frustrations and what kind of information they need. We rebuilt this portal to give law firm owners the right information and make it easily digestible.” 

How the Review Portal Works

The review Portal divides types of legal software and service providers into three categories based on the business owner’s focus: growing their firm, delivering services, or managing their office.

Within each portal, readers will find an overview of why they might want to use this type of software or service in their firm, steps to take during the buying process, and available features and descriptions to help buyers know what is available. Then, law firm owners can read detailed reviews of specific legal software from both Lawyerist’s editorial team and other lawyers, and watch demos for top providers within each category.

If you’re a small firm business owner looking to add legal software or services to your firm, start with Lawyerist’s Product and Service Portal.

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Last updated August 30th, 2023