Over the years, law firm gifts have changed. While firms used to rely on large gift companies like Harry & David (remember that jelly of the month club?), now gifts are trending personal and experiential. 

Law Firm Gifts That Remember the Whole Family

A recent trend, especially in family and estate law, is to ensure the client’s whole family can appreciate a gift—not just the client. Lawyerist Lab member Spencer Schmidt will hand out Legos to his client’s children. This gift has the bonus of keeping kids distracted in the office while their parents meet with their lawyer.

Similarly, lawyers are turning away from expensive bottles of scotch and vintage wine and sending cookie baskets and local food items instead. At Rose Law Firm in Napa Valley, Lab member Megan Campbell celebrates completed estate plans by sending mugs that say Grateful. With those, she includes locally-roasted coffee, tea, or dessert baskets. 

The Key is Personalization and Usable Branding

When it comes to law firm gifts for clients, using your logo is fine—as long as the associated product is usable. Lawyerist Lab member Aaron Thomas gives his clients branded Starbucks gift cards. Instead of branded shirts or tote bags, this option may feel more like a thank you or happy holidays gift and less like a sales pitch.

Another example of personalization is gifting experiences. A puzzle-lover client might enjoy a pass to a local escape room.  An avid reader may love a subscription to Audible for audiobooks. Lawyers can often upload their branding to the e-card.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Note

More than any other trend, lawyers find that taking the time to send a personalized note to their clients has the most meaningful impact. While a basket of treats will always be appreciated, clients remember what you say, not what you give. Does stamping and mailing a letter tend to get pushed down your to-do list? There are services like Scribeless that will send handwritten notes for you.

Lawyerist has more ideas  to help you  improve your client service game in the Guide to Law Firm Clients.

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Last updated November 8th, 2022