Modern law firm marketing isn’t just about SEO—despite what many may think. At its core, it’s about getting in front of potential clients. Lawyers need to understand who their clients are and advertise as directly to them as possible. A firm’s potential clients aren’t always sitting on their computers searching the internet for answers. iLawyerMarketing understands this and has a host of advertising opportunities for attorneys.

When a potential client is searching directly for services, a lawyer certainly wants to be at the top of their results. When they aren’t searching, however, firms still want to stay top of mind. PI attorneys, among others, have used television advertising for years. But television viewing has changed and marketing on streaming services is becoming more and more popular.

What is Over-the-Top Advertising?

Over-the-top (OOT) marketing is video advertising on streaming services like Netflix, Roku, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others. It’s a platform that is not (yet) oversaturated with other lawyers. And it meets clients in more than just their living rooms. Rather than playing a traditional TV ad spot, these ads come to viewers through their phones, tablets, and smart TVs. 

Not only is there a placement benefit, but this form of advertising can also be more targeted. Which helps with getting in front of the right audience at the right time. It also helps firms keep from paying for the attention of others who are not in their ideal client profile. This is obviously helpful for anyone who is concerned about their firm’s return on investment (ROI). 

Over-the-Top Marketing With iLawyerMarketing

iLawyerMarketing not only helps with tracking ROI on a firm’s OOT advertising, but it can help create the content as well. Video creation is one of the many services that iLawyerMarketing offers. As a full-service marketing partner, they can build websites, create educational content, enhance SEO, and manage PPC campaigns.

How to Get It

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Last updated July 17th, 2023