Case Status is a cloud-based client relationship and marketing tool exclusively for attorneys, paralegals, and their clients. You’ll be able to send messages to clients through either its web or mobile app. While Case Status is an excellent client portal, it offers so many more features to help you manage your clients and make them feel heard.


The most common complaint clients have against their attorneys is lack of communication. Even though this is a well-known complaint, when attorneys leave their clients in the dark, it leaves them feeling neglected and confused about the status of their case. But there are only so many hours in a day, and there is only so much time attorneys can spend returning calls, emails, and text messages to clients, making it that much harder to create a good experience for all clients.

Case Status is designed to cut down or eliminate unnecessary client communication. Unlike what is available in basic client portals, high volume firms and busy attorneys can use Case Status to automate communication and increase daily availability for more important tasks. For example, Case Status recognizes if nothing new has happened in the case and sends automated messages directly to the client’s Case Status IOS or Android app. There is also an optional text messaging feature for clients who prefer not to download the app or who do not have a smartphone. 

Confused, unhappy, or distracted clients slow down cases and increase unnecessary communication. Case Status collects client feedback throughout the case, giving each attorney and paralegal the opportunity to respond before the case ends, removing the worry for negative client reviews or complaints.

How To Get It

Whether you are interested in increasing your firm revenue, increasing your clients happiness, or increasing your family time, Case Status is a robust client engagement portal you need for your firm. If you’re interested in learning more or signing up a free demo or a free trial, visit


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Last updated February 18th, 2019