Cosmolex understands that built-in accounting is a major selling point for many lawyers. The integrated system can make reporting, tracking, and billing easier for users. But, they must stay on top of expected features. They must constantly iterate. Which is what we’re seeing with the release of new features for CosmolexPay, and their increased login security.

Cosmolex Launches CosmolexPay, Making it Easier to Get Paid by Clients

Last year, Cosmolex released its built-in ePayment accounting system, CosmolexPay. This allowed users to accept credit card payments directly through their practice management software—a must-have for an all-in-one system.

Recently, however, the platform released enhancements. Cosmolex users can now set up ACH payments, accept eChecks, and even save payment methods into the accounting system. This is a boon for client-centered operations.

Increased Security for your Remote Practice

Every cloud-based law practice management solution should be mobile capable. And users should be able to access their data from anywhere. With that access, however, comes responsibility—for both the platform and the user—to keep the data safe. Platforms should protect the data they have control over (which Cosmolex has done), and should empower users to protect themselves through better authentication methods.

Cosmolex, for its part, has increased its login security to include multi-factor authentication through the Microsoft Authenticator app. Just go to the settings menu in your account, click on ‘security’, and turn on two-factor authentication. From there, you select the Microsoft Authenticator option and follow the prompts. Check out the video below to see this capability in action.

How to Get it

Check out our full Cosmolex review to learn more about their accounting functionality and integration. Then read the community reviews and compare products. Remember, Lawyerist subscribers get a discount through our Affinity Benefits program.

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Last updated August 30th, 2023