File Management with Clio Drive

When it comes to file management, cloud-based systems, like Clio, have always had a tension between whether to keep documents online or stored on a local device. Services like box, Dropbox, and other platforms that integrate with Clio have attempted to solve this problem, but have had differing levels of success. A solution that syncs Clio’s file location with your local computer has not fully existed—until now.

With Clio Drive, Mac users and PC users alike can access the files they store in Clio Manage as if they are stored locally on their computer. There is no longer any need to install clunky, confusing third-party software to help manage your files. With Clio Drive, the operation is seamless.

Clio for Clients

Clio’s client portal has also seen a recent update. They have made it more user-friendly on the client-side, and more robust on the user side. For more information, check out our recent Product Spotlight video.

Clio Pay

Based on the Legal Trends Report findings, we can see many clients expect to pay their invoices online. Although you can still get integrations to handle that for you, Clio has now introduced Clio Pay, an internal ePayment platform built directly into Manage.

Take a look at the following video to see how Clio for Clients works from your client’s perspective.

How to Get it

Or, if you’re ready for a test-drive, head over to to get a free trial.

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Last updated July 17th, 2023