The Best Law Firm Websites Contest of 2023 saw entrants from all over the world and practice areas. This year, sites spanned Data Protection, Mergers & Acquisitions, Family Law, and Personal Injury, and more. This cohort spoke Latvian, Korean, Japanese, English, Spanish, German, and Nepalese. We saw flat fees, subscription models, hourly billing, and contingency services. Although the sites we reviewed were varied, they were all on the higher end of the law firm website spectrum. 

We thank each and every one of the entrants. Clearly, countless hours were put into the design, branding, user experience, and client care.

Below are the top ten websites of 2023. Obviously, our choices are subjective. However, we try to introduce as much objectivity into the process as possible. First, we run each site through a performance and accessibility grader that rates each site from A to F. Then, we rate the highest-performing sites based on Branding, Marketing, Accessibility, and Technical SEO. This year, we invited judges from the Lawyerist and Affinity Consulting teams and averaged these opinions to come up with the results below.

Best Law Firm Website Winners 2023

Aeon Law

Designer: Firesign Marketing

Aeon Law sets itself apart with its vibrance and its overall branding. It has a clear client picture and is specifically speaking to that user.

Belzer Law Firm


Belzer Law also has its client profile built into its design. The site has the feel of a business card with all the functionality one would expect from a website. It loads extremely fast and gets to the point with a call to action on the top of every page.

Biller & Kimble

Designer: Postali


Biller & Kimble knows what it’s doing—driving potential clients to the firm. It has multiple methods of contacting the firm, and its SEO strategy is specific and robust.

Cameron & Kane

Designer: PaperStreet Web Design


Cameron & Kane gets a lot done with its images. Users know the place, the practice areas, and who they are dealing with without reading a word. The site is very navigable and has a clear call to action to contact them using your preferred method.

Cybernetic Law

Designer: G Digital


Cybernetic Law definitely has its ideal client in mind with the design. They’ve even designed their site in three separate languages. This isn’t just some Google Translate site, though. Each version lives on the main domain page. Moreover, the design elements like font family are at the forefront rather than an afterthought.

Holmes Family Law

Designer: Spotlight Branding


Holmes Family Law provides a streamlined client experience. They start by letting users know that they are in the right place and then make it very easy to get more information by downloading a guide, joining the mailing list, or calling the firm directly.

Nursing Home Justice

Designer: Postali


Nursing Home Justice stands out for its design and its display of educational information. It gets to the point quickly and highlights (literally) where it wants its users to look. Potential new clients can call immediately or use their Qualification Tool which educates users about their cases before contacting the office.

Outlier Patent Attorneys

Designer: Dave Smyth Studio


Outlier Patent Attorneys set themselves apart by doing just that. They quickly show why their firm provides more value than others using metrics and data. They also speak directly to their ideal client and make it easy to contact them or schedule an appointment online.

Sul Lee Law Firm


Sul Lee Law Firm knows exactly what they want potential clients to do when they visit the website—book a consultation. This CTA is front and center on the home page and lives on every other page on the site. Users know what Sul Lee Law Firm does, who they are, and how to contact them almost immediately. What’s more, they do this in both English and Korean, which makes them more accessible to their ideal clients.

Von Rock Law



Von Rock Law puts their values and the client experience first. With a “Start Here” and “Community Matters” section, clients know that Von Rock cares and wants to help them. It’s easy to book a consultation online. And, importantly, the Accessibility widget lets users adjust the contrast, line height, saturation, and even font family of the site.

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Last updated August 31st, 2023