Most lawyers in their careers have thought, “I should build that.” Longtime Lawyerist Lab member Greg Siskind and his team at Siskind Susser, PC, don’t stop at should. They have a habit of following through, which they’re doing with their FastCase partnership. 

FastCase Immigration Partnership

Recently, through their sister company,, they announced a partnership with FastCase to turn their immigration cookbook into a case management system. The American Immigration Lawyers Association Practice and Procedures Manual (‘Cookbook’) will be implemented through FastCase’s NextChapter platform.

Siskind, along with partner Ari Saur, published the manual to assist immigration lawyers in the United States in filing their cases. It takes the processes, procedures, and decades of experience they have acquired and organizes it into checklists, questionnaires, and step-by-step processes.

Never satisfied with the status quo, however, Siskind and his team wanted to take the cookbook a step further. They determined that no comparable product existed on the market. So, he and his partners at decided to turn the cookbook into a case management platform.

Turning an Idea into Reality

One option for was to build the software from the ground up. But, a natural partnership appeared in the form of FastCase’s NextChapter product. Using the already existing NextChapter platform will allow the product to get to users much more quickly.

“We are excited that lawyers relying on our Cookbook will now have a case management system customized to match the systems in the book,” said Siskind. 

This appears to be a consistent step for FastCase. As a legal research and intelligence company, they are always looking for innovative new ways to deliver knowledge to lawyers. Recently, expanded NextChapter’s capabilities beyond bankruptcy with Doc Creator, forms automation, and now immigration management. According to Mandy Ballinger, NextChapter’s Vice President, this extension “enables more law firms to benefit.”

NextChapter Immigration beta platform is already open to lawyers who would like to test it out at

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Last updated November 4th, 2022