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Law firms looking for a modern, one-stop solution for their matter and document management, marketing, and CRM needs will find what they’re looking for and more in Litify.


Litify offers an all-in-one law practice management platform that automates marketing, client management, intake, matters, documents, referrals, reporting, finance, and more all from a single, easy to use interface. Having all your systems integrated within a single platform provides greater business insight with more comprehensive reporting. With its best-in-class reporting system, Litify provides greater transparency into your case load, marketing campaigns, referrals, or anything else you want to see to help you make a proper decision for your firm.

When you first log in, you’ll be greeted by a comprehensive dashboard that can be customized to what’s important to you. View your calendar, daily tasks, upcoming deadlines, or case status at a glance.

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Within Litify, you’ll be able to create and manage documents within its cloud storage system, customize client intake through Litify’s built-in unique questionnaires, and assign tasks within its matter plan.

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You’ll also be able to see relationships between who is involved in any matter or litigation for greater clarity as you review files.

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Litify is also built on top of, which means it’s secure, fast, and scalable to your business needs. It also means that if you need additional applications or features to be added to Litify, you’ll be able to choose from thousands of partner applications from Salesforce’s AppExchange, offering even more personalization within the platform.

What really differentiates Litify is its user interface and experience. It’s clean, intuitive, efficient, quick, easy to use and easy to navigate. Litify provides training for new users, offers chat support, and has a full online knowledge base available for everything Litify does. Litify is a powerful and customizable platform to help you run your law firm like a modern business.

How to Get It

Litify lets you automate your entire firm starting at $200/user/month, with custom plans available. To learn more about Litify to see if it’s a right fit for your practice, reach out for a discovery call and a free, custom demo based on your law firm’s needs.

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Last updated May 30th, 2019