Lawyerist’s Field Guide for Buying Products & Services helps lawyers and their staff find their way through the legal tech software landscape. Choosing technology is never easy. Determining how that technology fits into the larger picture is even harder. Tougher still is getting buy-in from the rest of the team. This legal tech buyer’s Field Guide arms law offices with the information necessary to make thoughtful and informed decisions.

Field Guide for Buying Products & Services

The Field Guide helps lawyers determine how to make their purchasing decision. Importantly, it arms users with the information necessary to garner buy-in from the rest of their team. 

“This guide is intended to assist teams in making their big legal technology software decisions,” said Ashley Steckler, Lawyerist’s Product Director. She continues, “We’ve created a tool that organizes relevant legal technology in a way that lawyers will understand. Instead of limiting their search to single areas of legal tech software, law offices can search more broadly and determine how particular technology fits into their overall legal tech stack.”

The Field Guide breaks legal technology software and services into three broad categories: Firm Growth, Service Delivery, and Firm Management. From there, Users can learn about specific types of software like Law Practice Management systems, and discover how they fit into the firm’s overall structure.

The Field Guide joins Lawyerist’s other tools to help law firms demystify legal technology. These include Website Product Reviews, where the Lawyerist legal tech advisor organizes, rates, and reviews software and services on the marketplace. Here, lawyers can easily compare products and learn more about specific pieces of technology. In some cases, they can use the decision wizards to hone in on exactly what they need based on their specific circumstances.

Additionally, the Complete Guide to Legal Tech teaches lawyers and their teams how technology fits into their overall business. The Legal Tech Guide doesn’t specifically look at how something should be done. Instead, it teaches law offices what should be done and why.

How to Get It

The Field Guide for Buying Products & Services is free to download by all Lawyerist subscribers. Lawyerist subscribers can download the Field Guide immediately and get access to other valuable resources from Lawyerist.

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Last updated July 12th, 2023