The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited, the next edition of the popular how-to manual for solo and small-firm law firms is available for pre-order on January 30th.

First published in 2019, The Small Firm Roadmap sold over 10,000 copies and spawned a culture of client-centric small law firms focused on breaking the traditional firm model.

Far More Than a Business Book

In Revisited, authors Stephanie Everett and Aaron Street update several concepts, including the Lawyerist concept of healthy firms.

As frequent Lawyerist podcast guest and therapist, Dr. Sherry Walling, says, “Far more than a business book, The Small Firm Roadmap is a sanity manual. Many, many entrepreneurial attorneys live with burnout, anxiety, addiction, and broken relationships. But that doesn’t have to be the case.”

By centering wellbeing, Revisited walks through each part of a firm as it relates to the whole person—client, team member, or owner.

Dispelling the Partner Myth

Additionally, Everett and Street introduce a more controversial topic: owners vs. partners.

In Revisited, the authors dispel the idea that a partnership track should be synonymous with a lawyer’s professional development and status.

“This new edition explores what it means to be a law firm owner (partner) vs. a manager.”

stephanie everett

“Most workers in the U.S. don’t expect to be ‘elevated’ to an ownership status as recognition for 10 years of hard work. And yet, that is exactly what we do in the legal industry,” write Everett and Street.

Instead, the authors urge firms to label owners and managers separately to align with the goals and compensation the titles imply.

“Law firms have confused these roles and concepts for too long. This new edition explores what it means to be a law firm owner (partner) vs. a manager. We tackle what type of decisions each group should own to ensure the firm is run effectively and builds value,” said Everett.

The Mission Remains the Same

Beyond these and other changes to the new edition, The Small Firm Roadmap’s mission is steady: teaching solo and small-firm lawyers how to build a people-centered business that is effectively managed and ultimately more valuable.

The Small Firm Revisited hits stores on February 20th. Pre-order January 30th.

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Last updated February 15th, 2023