CosmoLex has streamlined its integration with NetDocuments, bringing much of the functionality within the CosmoLex platform. With this enhanced partnership, storing, retrieving, and editing documents within CosmoLex just got much easier.

CosmoLex brings NetDocuments Closer

NetDocuments has long been a document management option for CosmoLex users. The integration seamlessly shared documents back and forth between platforms, allowing users to take advantage of both platforms. But users, for the most part, had to switch back and forth between platforms, which could lead to inefficiencies.

With the release of CosmoLex 6.0, however, much of the NetDocuments functionality has been brought into the CosmoLex workspace. Users can now access emails and documents from within the practice management system. Not only will this streamline workflows, but secondary information, like notes, can more easily be kept in one location.

How to Get It

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Last updated July 17th, 2023