Cosmolex and LawRuler both exist as part of the ProfitSolv family of products. This includes Rocket Matter, TimeSolv, and even Tabs3. But Cosmolex (at least for now) is the only product that can be called a true all-in-one law practice management solution. Recently, though, the table stakes for an all-in-one solution have changed. At this point, a client relationship manager (CRM) is almost required. So, Cosmolex bolstered its position by embedding LawRuler’s functionality directly into its platform.

Yes, LawRuler enhances Cosmolex’s offerings in the CRM sphere. But LawRuler isn’t simply a CRM in name only. This marriage is the unification of two independently robust products. Specifically, two independent products with above-average automation capabilities. Which makes the embed a harmony, rather than a jarring fusion.

Cosmolex Expanded Automations with LawRuler

Although there are still some aspects to work out, the automation capabilities from LawRuler sit nicely in the Cosmolex system. Lawyers can quickly build lead intakes and almost forget about them. They can automate email campaigns, text messages, and task workflows for their teammates. And this automation is done with relative ease, using a simple trigger-action workflow.

Recently, Zack sat down with Erica Birsler, from Cosmolex, to talk about how Cosmolex made this embed happen. Watch the video below to see more.

Demo Video

How to Get It

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Last updated November 22nd, 2022