Since its acquisition of CalendarRules in 2021, Clio Manage has been increasing its court calendaring functionality. Not only does this make for a cleaner user experience, but Clio is continuing to advance the internal functionality with its Court Rules features.

Clio Enhances Court Rules

Court Rules already has specific calendaring for all 50 states. Additionally, users can add their own rules with custom triggers and actions as needed. Users can easily accomplish this within the Clio Manage app.

As enhancements to the Court Rules functionality, Clio has made it easier to connect a Matter while creating a Rule, find specific triggers, and even set specific times on the calendar, rather than an all-day event. Even better, though, Clio has added the ability to bulk change subsequent events when editing a trigger. This means, if a court date is changed which affects the timing of later events, subsequent events can be easily updated.

Clio Court Rules Demo

Check out the demo video where Gareth, from Clio, walks our legal tech advisor, Zack Glaser, through the recent changes to the Court Rules function.

How to Get It

Ready to learn more? Check out our full review of Clio Manage in our Product Reviews. Here, you can read community comments, compare features, and see other demo videos. If you’re eager to jump in, head to and get a free trial or demo.

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Last updated November 13th, 2023