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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Law Practice Exchange's services?

Law Practice Exchange is a brokerage for buying and selling law firms. They can help connect parties, assist on the technical aspects of the transfer, or even just consult on your own valuation of your firm.

Where is Law Practice Exchange's service area?

LPE offers its services throughout the United States. Often, parties to the exchange are not currently in the same geographic location.

What is the price of Law Practice Exchange?

The price of services are too specific to each matter to give a good example here. It would depend on if you are using the consulting services, or have engaged them for the entire process.

Does Law Practice Exchange work for solo practices?

Yes. Law Practice Exchange can assist any sized law firm, although the small to medium-sized firms are its ideal clients. It aims to offer assistance to the firms who classically have not been able to recognize the value created in their practices when selling.

Is the process for engaging Law Practice Exchange easy?

Yes. Connecting with LPE is as simple as going to their website and contacting them. Although it is not an "online" process, they will walk you through the entire engagement.

Can Law Practice Exchange help me with my area of law?

Yes. Law Practice Exchange handles all manner of practice areas from Estate Planning, to Criminal Law, to Personal Injury.

Does Law Practice Exchange have an app?

Not really. Although, LPE has a customer portal on their website where you can keep track of your transaction.

Is Law Practice Exchange focused on the legal field?

Yes. Law Practice Exchange, as the name implies, is specific to the legal field and only handles buying and selling law firms.

Is Law Practice Exchange secure?

Yes. Any information gathered by LPE is protected by in transit and at rest.

How does Law Practice Exchange work?

Law Practice Exchange works differently for each client. Depending on whether you simply need a consultation, or you are buying or selling a law firm, the process could be quite different. However, once you contact LPE, they will walk you through the entire process and let you know what to expect.

Additional Details about Law Practice Exchange

Who Law Practice Exchange is For

Law Practice Exchange is for anyone looking to buy or sell a law firm in the United States. With their online service, you can browse available firms and learn more about valuing your firm. More importantly, for some who aren’t actively looking to sell their practice, you can learn what aspects of your practice will add the most value to your firm.

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