Harry Potter: Lessons for Lawyers

The Harry Potter books offer numerous life lessons. Several of them are spot on for any attorney.

Discussing Social Media with Clients

How attorneys can discuss, review, and advise clients on social media usage and the evidentiary concerns.

Ethics 20/20 Committee: New Rules Not Necessary for Internet Marketing

The ABA's Ethics 20/20 Commission is recommending clarification on existing ethics rules to assist lawyers in successful online marketing.

Co-Counsel Tips for a Better Litigating Relationship

Co-counsel advice for solo attorneys. Or, how to get along with co-counsel.

Jury Selection: Win the Jury Over, Win the Trial

Jury selection, done well, means a big advantage during the trial. Botch it, and you may never recover.

Use Whitespace to Enhance Your Website

Without whitespace, your website would be confusing, cheap, and cluttered, and none of your messages will stand out from the clutter.

Turn Law Firm Newsletters Into Blog Posts

A law firm newsletter on existing practice areas can be quickly converted into a blog for quick content with wide reach.

Work-Life Balance—Walking the Talk?

Work-life balance is something we all struggle for, but perfect work-life balance is a delusion.

Quick Access to Microsoft Word Commands

Tired of repeatedly searching through the menus for frequently-used Microsoft Word commands? Here are three ways to get quick access to any command.

Law Firm Link Sources

How and where does one acquire links for one's law firm website or blog?