Suddenly Solo

Suddenly Solo? Trust Your Instincts

New solo attorneys need to trust their instincts and ask for help when necessary.

How to Avoid Answering Phone Calls

How I increased my productivity by eliminating unscheduled phone calls.

The Future of Law Practice (Panel Discussion at Hamline University School of Law)

An overview of the state of the legal profession and speculations about the future. This post is rife with retrospection, conjecture, and speculation.

Dress for Success: The Case for Suspenders

Suspenders can be a great addition to your wardrobe. In this week's installment of Dress for Success, learn how and why all lawyers should wear suspenders.

Freelancing for a Startup: Should you Take Equity?

When Freelancing for a Start-up Should you Take Equity? If you are a freelance attorney consider getting paid in equity compensation.

Typeface Choices: Who Gives a Font?

Choosing typefaces for your law firm can be tricky. There is an inexhaustible supply of options to evaluate

Send Secure, Self-Destructible Email with Lockify

Using new website Lockify, attorneys can send secure and confidential messages to anyone regardless of operating system.

The Art of Saying No

When we start saying “no” to things that don’t advance us professionally or personally, we take back control over our time.

Goal Setting: Good Enough is Not Good Enough

Good enough is not good enough anymore. Set your goals beyond the status quo or best practice and use that as a springboard toward achieving your highest potential.

Open Source and the Virtual Law Firm

Open source software can be used to supplement technology in a virtual law firm.