Healthy Tips for Document Review Attorneys

Follow these tips to survive your document review job as an attorney.

Bring Humor to the Law Office, Carefully

Bringing humor to the office makes bad days livable and good days great. It’s a life-giving oasis in the sweltering desert of work. But be careful.

Legal Career Transitions

Whatever our transitions look like, there are particular skills, behaviors and habits that will help those transitions be as smooth as possible.

Clear Eyes: Tips For a Law School Spouse

Being a spouse of a law student is rough. Here's what law school spouses can learn from the show Friday Night Lights.

Adwords For Lawyers

Should you advertise your law firm on Adwords? Here are some things to think about first.

Increase Productivity by Simplifying

How lawyers can increase productivity by eliminating distractions and simplifying what technology they use.

Avoid Stealing Clients or Taking Armchair Lawyer Clients

Avoid stealing clients from another attorney and avoid selecting armchair lawyer clients.

Blog Post Ideas

From time to time even the most talented writers in the blogosphere can find themselves fresh out of blog post ideas.

Ten Ways to Increase Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful way to generate new business. Here are ten ways to improve it.

Gmail Gets a Facelift

Gmail and Google Calendar have recently been enhanced. In this redesign Google says that they are working on integrating Gmail more with Google+.