CloudLex targets personal injury firms with handy features necessary for that practice area. Its focused tools set it apart in a generalist practice management market. 

Unique Tools for Unique Attorneys 

Specialty tools attract people who appreciate their focused nature, solving a finite set of problems exquisitely well. CloudLex’s distinctive approach shows in a testimonial highlighting one of its client firms. Rather than a traditional case study, Chad Sands, vice president of marketing, worked with customer Dan Schneiderman on something different. They prepared a video highlighting Dan’s personality, love of woodworking, and how he busied himself during COVID. 

Chad’s video showcases Dan in a non-traditional way, revealing two interests of his: woodworking and 3D printing. Similarly, CloudLex isn’t playing “follow the leader,” adding “kitchen sink” features, trying to be all things to all people. Instead, as Chad put it, they’ve “doubled down and are going deep in personal injury,” squarely “focused on plaintiff PI” enhancements. 

Needs of Personal Injury Firms 

Ease of use and quick access to information form the foundation of good PI firms. 


No one wants to spend weeks transitioning from one software product to another, building out matter-specific fields, and training staff on the new system. Thankfully, CloudLex fits the PI niche like a glove: 

  • It focuses on out-of-the-box usability. No firm employee needs weeks of training to be productive or spends hours customizing the software. 
  • CloudLex handles the firm’s onboarding and data migration. There’s no handoff to third-party consultants or burdening the customer with additional obligations. 
  • There’s no complex billing or accounting component to learn because those features are unnecessary in PI work. 
  • A timeline appears across the top of each matter page, mapping the case’s lifecycle. For example, users see essential information like the total number of days since case opening, incident date, intake date, the statute of limitations date, and other dates the firm deems valuable. 
  • The Expense Manager helps track internal costs and track client expenditures. 
  • The Settlement Calculator manages demands and offers in one place, showing attorney and plaintiff recovery for each offer and counteroffer. 
  • Quick Links allow users to move swiftly between events, tasks, contacts, notes, and photos. 
  • The global sidebar offers speedy access to searching, text messaging-like connections to clients and staff, notes, and emails. It also houses CloudLex’s newest tool, Uber for Attorneys. 

Uber for Attorneys: Adding a New Tool to the Repertoire 

Being “100% dedicated to plaintiff PI” means solving problems that don’t arise in firms focused on other practice areas. 

Sudden and unexpected mobility impairments are a client experience uniquely tied to personal injury. For example, an automobile accident might eliminate a person’s mode of transportation. An injury could prevent one from safely operating a motor vehicle or comfortably navigating public transit, if available. Clients still have appointments with doctors, attorneys, courts, and others. 

CloudLex built a tight integration with Uber into its practice management product for that reason, to help personal injury attorneys serve a need particular to their clients. 

The Firm-side Experience 

Without leaving CloudLex, an attorney can order an Uber ride for a client, with all the options one expects from Uber. Opening Uber for Attorneys reveals three tabs: 

  • Address Book: The address book holds Uber pickup and drop-off locations, including user-saved, frequently used addresses. 
  • My Trips: This tab tracks past, ongoing, and upcoming Uber rides. 
  • Book a Trip: This tab contains the heart of the new functionality. Here a user can: 
    • Tie a ride to a matter or an intake; 
    • Enter a party or contact for pickup; 
    • Enter the reason for the ride, which later appears on invoices and trip history; 
    • Enter a pickup address manually (which can be saved to the address book), select one from the address book, or from frequently used prior locations; 
    • Select a ride type; and 
    • Request a ride either immediately or scheduled for later. 

Once the ride is requested and accepted, the firm receives a notification in CloudLex and can follow the ride’s progress under My Trips, including complete driver information as in native Uber apps. 

The Client-side Experience 

After the firm requests a ride, the client receives a web link via text message. Clicking that link opens the native Uber app on the client’s smartphone, allowing the client to track the ride as if they’d ordered it themselves. When completed, the ride is saved in the history section of the client’s Uber app with a $0.00 charge. 

A Complete Integration for a Complete Experience 

When Chad says, “Everything we do is catered to [personal injury-]specific areas of practice,” he means delivering these robust experiences to solve problems that PI attorneys face. With Uber for Attorneys, the firm maintains one place to request and track rides, view receipts, and record expenses against matters. Clients get seamless access to needed transportation in the familiar Uber app, with their costs covered. Uber for Attorneys brings technology and automation to serve attorney and client needs simultaneously. 

Watch Chad and Zack discuss CloudLex’s PI-focused tools, and Uber for Attorneys in particular, in the video below. 

A Unique View of PI Attorneys 

Additionally, CloudLex is creating a new publication highlighting personal injury attorneys. This periodical, The Trial Lawyer’s Journal, is dedicated to the “idea of celebrating justice.” It focuses on the lives and day-to-day business of attorneys working on personal injury cases. TLJ will examine work-life balance and give readers a glimpse into the community of PI attorneys. 

CloudLex plans to release the first volume this summer, with over 130 pages, featuring incredible artists, photographers, and in-depth interviews. Grab a preview edition today on their website at

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Last updated August 11th, 2023