A virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) allows small to medium-sized firms the ability to add strategic accounting capabilities without committing to the overhead of hiring additional staff. Accounting Girl offers a level of expertise that is not easy to find in part-time teammates. 

How does Accounting Girl work?

Daily Attention

Much like a full-time CFO, bookkeeper, controller, etc, Accounting Girl works on your books and your finances daily. They are familiar with many of the popular Law Practice Management Platforms and are comfortable working in them directly, as a user. They will also connect with your Quickbooks Online account to handle transactions and keep your platforms up-to-date.

Business Advising

Much like an in-person CFO, Accounting Girl will take a high-level approach to your finances. This includes running reports for your business, helping to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and assisting in making forward-thinking financial decisions. 

Take a look at Zack’s chat with Jill Ulett, below to dig a bit deeper.

How to Get It

To learn more about Accounting Girl’s virtual CFO services take a look at our full review. Or, if you’re ready to jump right in, contact them at accounting-girl.com and get a free consultation.

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Last updated January 26th, 2024