LawPay has just announced LawPay ClientCredit to help law firms get paid faster while still offering client flexibility. This feature rolls out in full force in mid-April but is currently in beta for existing and new users. 

In the meantime, LawPay has extended its universal payment link functionality to include QR Codes. They also implemented their Card Vault functionality to streamline client payments.

LawPay ClientCredit

Although your firm may want to allow clients to pay in installments, your business may not be able to afford this courtesy. LawPay now offers ClientCredit, where you can get paid today, while your clients can pay through installments.

Through LawPay’s partnership with Affirm, your client can easily obtain financing while paying your invoice. This may be the difference between using your services and going elsewhere.

Although they don’t officially roll out ClientCredit until mid-April, existing and new users can use it in beta mode right now.

Universal Payment QR Codes

LawPay has had universal payment links for quite some time. This is where firms place a link on their invoices, emails, or even text messages, and clients are directed to a general online payment page. 

Now, LawPay has integrated QR Codes into this functionality. In addition to these universal payment links, law firms can have their clients use QR codes to access those universal payment pages. This benefits those using their mobile phones to access the universal payment link.

Safely Save Credit Card Information

Since clients don’t generally pay in one single invoice, LawPay has made it simple for them to save their payment information safely and securely. Through Card Vault,  LawPay allows you to safely keep client card information on file, while remaining PCI compliant. So, each time your clients need to pay an invoice, they can simply click “pay” instead of re-entering their information.

Take a look at the demo below to learn more about Client Credit from LawPay.

How to Get It

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Last updated August 30th, 2023