Getting paid and reimbursed by clients can be one of the biggest pain points in a lawyer’s practice. It can be time-consuming to keep up with, awkward to follow-up on, and often doesn’t feel like ‘practicing law.’ TimeSolv understands this about collecting payments, and has focused many of its latest features on just that.

Collect Client Payments Faster in TimeSolv with Zero A/R

Zero A/R is a term TimeSolv uses to describe features intended to reduce your law firm’s overall accounts receivable. But really, it’s a relationship you create with your clients. TimeSolv just gives you some hard-to-find tools that make the relationship work.

First off, not only is your firm able to save credit card information into the system, but TimeSolv also allows you to accept eChecks and save ACH information for your clients. Which, in-and-of-itself, would speed up any firm’s client payment collection process. Yet, TimeSolv goes a step further and lets your firm process these payments in bulk—after you get consent, of course.

Split Billing with TimeSolv

Sometimes, we have hard to bill expenses or services, where multiple clients are responsible for payment. These situations can often be time-consuming, or, all too often, written off as more troublesome to collect than they are worth. With TimeSolv’s split billing features, you can distribute the responsibility across as many clients as you need. You can even bill different rates or create discounts for individual clients in the group.

Never Lose Hard Costs and Expenses with the Two-way Quickbooks Sync

Many Quickbooks travel in a single direction, so your chosen application will talk to your accounting software, but the accounting software won’t talk back. This can be problematic when tracking hard costs and expenses paid directly from the accounting software. TimeSolv’s two-way Quickbooks sync allows your firm to import those expenses, allocate them to a client (or multiple clients as above), and easily get reimbursed.

Take a look at our demo video to see some of these features in action.

How to Get it

Ready to learn more? Head over to Lawyerist’s review of TimeSolv to see a full list of features, integrations, and community commentary. Or, if you’re ready for a trial, check out

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Last updated August 30th, 2023