With RingBoost, you can secure a custom phone number to help you stand out from the competition and grow faster.


There’s plenty of buzz around digital marketing these days. But the best lead generation tool for law firms remains inbound phone calls. A call is immediate, efficient, and helps you build a strong relationship from the beginning of your client’s experience with your firm.

Many firms focus intently on web forms and online intake to get data from a potential client. But that process often results in time-consuming back-and-forth exchanges that still fail to give you clarity about the client’s problem or its viability as a matter you’re interested in taking. Besides, when you rely too much on internet search traffic to acquire prospects, you inadvertently send them to search engines that also highlight your competition.

Calls bring your leads directly to you, and in a timely way. And, perhaps best of all, everyone already knows how to place a phone call. They may not, on the other hand, be savvy enough to navigate your web forms and online intake process.

A catchy number can be an effective branding tool, even before a call is ever placed. You’ll rise above the competition with your custom phone number. Unforgettable numbers increase advertising response rates for both out-of-home and online advertising. To maximize your marketing efforts, use a memorable phone number as your call-to-action.

RingBoost is the nation’s largest marketplace for custom phone numbers, including local and toll-free numbers.  They offer five categories of custom phone numbers:

Toll-Free Vanity

Toll-free vanity numbers have nationwide appeal and contain memorable words or phrases, like 1-833-JUST-LAW. They are a great option for firms that practice across regions or want to project a large brand presence.

Shared Use

Toll-free, shared-use numbers are similar to toll-free vanity numbers, but you license them exclusively by market area. They offer a cost-effective way to secure a super-premium number.

Custom Local

Local numbers use your community’s area codes so you can anchor yourself to a specific location and establish insider trust. With local numbers, you own the number after you buy it and can port it to your carrier or have it forwarded to any number of your choice.

Easy Dial

Easy-dial numbers use patterned digits that are easy to convey and easy to remember. They can be local or toll-free, depending on your needs. A number that ends in 700-7000 has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Tracking Numbers

Tracking numbers provide meaningful data to help you decide which advertising channels are most effective. RingBoost lets you secure a block of numbers to compare success in each channel (for example, using a different number for your print, television, podcast, and social media advertisements lets you quickly sort out which channel generates the most leads).

How to Get it

Whatever your desired number, RingBoost will help you get the right custom phone number for your law practice.

To learn more about RingBoost, connect for a consultation, or search some of their available custom numbers, visit RingBoost.com.

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Last updated August 22nd, 2019