In theory, every business should promote a unique value proposition to its targeted customers. Harvard Business School defines “unique value proposition” as “the kind of value a company will create for its customers.”

Does the concept hold for law firms? In my view, the answer is obvious: lawyers may need unique marketing strategies to market to clients, but they can follow models long proven in other industries. A law firm can (and should) market itself just like other businesses.

Before you can market your law firm, you need to learn to promote a unique value proposition to your clients.

Laying the Groundwork to Promote a Unique Value Proposition

First, you’ll need to establish some groundwork. Regardless of the marketing strategies you ultimately choose, set this foundation in place first. It’ll make your marketing efforts exponentially more likely to yield positive returns.

Establish these factors first before you start promoting:


How do you view the future of your law firm? When you identify your vision, you can define your marketing position. Clarity about your vision lets you home in on your Unique Value Proposition.


What are your core values? What truly matters to you? List those qualities that most matter to you and share them on your website. When you have identified your core values, you can start selling them. Talk about them throughout your promotional content.

Unique Value Proposition

Enter the unique value proposition (or unique selling proposition). The whole point of marketing, really, is, first, to capture your promise that you’ll deliver something valuable to your clients, and, second, to share that committment with as many likely buyers as you can. So, what is your promise? How do you promote a unique value proposition?

To come up with your UVP, think about the market you want to serve. You’ll need to identify your market before you can start promoting your law firm. Here are a few ways to determine your UVP:

Once you have gone through this exercise, you’ll be well on your way to defining your UVP. And when you’ve got some clarity about your UVP, you can finally start marketing your law firm and your unique way of delivering legal services.

Your Competitive Advantage on Display

Be clear about why your potential clients should hire you instead of some other lawyer. Clearly explain how you’re poised to meet their specific needs. Make sure your marketing materials speak directly to their pain points.

Catering Your Marketing to Your Niche

What types of clients do you serve? Effective marketing demands that your content speaks directly to them (and potential clients that look like them). Most people seeking legal advice are shockingly unfamiliar about how the legal system touches their lives. In many practice areas, then, you can safely assume that they know little to nothing when they come searching for you. The good news is that you’ve got a compelling opportunity to educate them. Imagine the questions that are floating around in their heads. Then answer those questions on your website.

Every client and every case will be unique, of course. And as you slowly acquire successes and experiences handling a particular set of legal problems, you will establish yourself as an expert. Working on cases in a consistent niche leaves you with a long list of accomplishments, and sharing that hard-earned expertise is critically important in showing your potential clients why you’re a good fit for them.

Creating and Displaying Your Brand Experience

Your brand is the unique combination of voice, vision, and visuals that your law firm uses in its marketing materials and elsewhere. Make sure your brand is clear and transparent. You help your clients feel at ease when they know what to expect from working with you.

To be sure, developing your brand, articulating your niche, and defining your unique value proposition require up-front work. You’ll need to dedicate tangible mental assets to brainstorming and creating this core of your law firm’s foundation. But it will pay off for years to come. Once you craft your own Unique Value Proposition, developing and implementing marketing strategies that promote a unique value proposition will fall into place and be much more likely to return valuable results.

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Last updated August 3rd, 2023